Warwick & Lincoln 3 wells drilling 2019



New thread, we must enjoy the imminent arrival and hook up of the Aoka Mizu, but also now keep an eye on when the Transocean Leader will be released from its current contract and move to the Greater Warwick Area (GWA) to drill the three wells for Hurricane Energy and Spirit Energy. A quick search by me found old news from February 2018 that the rig had encountered technical problems and it was going to be fixed in harbour and returning for a 300 day drilling campaign for Enquest and then Dana Petroleum. I can find nothing recent to indicate the current status of it drilling contract. The first of HUR`s three wells was due to spud during Q1 2019. Does anyone know when the TL will be available to drill for HUR?
IMHO. DYOR please.


Bobsson, did you see this on Advfn from Steelwatch? Might be worth having a look at?

“Just a note of caution to the rig timing - Originally, Enquest should have received it in September and finished in December, with Hurricane’s contract commencing in February. The c.2 months gap may, at a guess, be required for some yard time. As it turned out, the rig was delayed with the previous operator due to discovery and extensive testing, and didn’t spud at Kraken until 22 November. Assuming the same timing, should be released around mid-Feb, but, if yard time is required before mobilising to GWA, could be looking into April/May. Next Transocean Fleet Status update should be around 3rd week in January.”


Thanks for that Albi, So we need to do some research 3rd week in January. It will be a pity if we have a three month initial delay. I was hoping HUR would be off to a flyer in Q1 2019. I just hope the EPS will be more than successful to make up for any delayed drilling.


I hope the EPS will be more than successful too! Otherwise I’m back out on a daily commute instead of the planned retirement I’m hoping this might bring in:}

Know very little about the oil industry but am doing my best to piece together together the jigsaw from others with more knowledge and learning on the way.


Two useful links for the rig Transocean Leader

current location

Transocean’s Quarterly Fleet Status report
From the previous publication schedule, the next report will probably be in the first half of February
(note: the webpage shows american style mm/dd/yy dates!)


Breaking: Energy Voice hard copy article, Dr T states first Lincoln well to spud Feb/Mar, we will see if the TL will be released on schedule. He also again raises prospect of a second FPSO on GWA. Apparently (source not the EV article) Bluewater have an FPSO in their fleet which is likely to become available for contract very soon. Tarkers, your services in Dubai may be needed again.


I think someone on another bb suggested the Bluewater Bleo Holm was coming off contract soon and may be a candidate for a HUR/Spirit future contract at GWA

Please DYOR and feedback any results.


Here’s the link to the article that Bobsson mentioned yesterday, now published online. Outlines the drilling of 9 wells between now and 2021!


Another link relating to Transocean Leader and planned works this year - if we’re taking a break from looking for a WW on the AM this can keep us occupied!


Hi Albi1,

Nice find. Well written and comprehensive piece.

I must say, a lot going on this year. Let’s hope the weather turns in our favour soon and we are able to start getting on with it.

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Hi Everyone,

Many thanks to “DiveCentre” on the LSE board.

"Lincoln Field – Drilling

Petrofac Facilities Management Ltd (PFML) propose to drill an appraisal well in the Lincoln field, west of Shetland. The well is in approximately 162 m of water. It will be drilled using the Transocean Leader, an anchored semi-submersible mobile drilling rig. The drilling rig requires that its eight anchors and ground chains are pre-laid on the seabed, which will commence on 15 January. The locations of these anchors are given in the Rig List section of the bulletin, with each of chains running in towards the central well location. Drilling Rig/Ship Installation / Well No Position Start / Finish Duration Transocean Leader Lincoln Field 60°07.102’N 003°55.085’W 1st February 2019 80 days"


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That sounded very deep until a spot of googling turned up:

`A Maersk drillship has broken the world record for the deepest water depth for an offshore oil rig after spudding a well located more than two miles below the surface of the ocean.

The well, known as the Raya-1 prospect, is being drilled offshore Uruguay in a water depth of 3,400 meters (11,156 feet).

_The well is being drilled by the Maersk Venturer drillship for a consortium involving Total SA and _



Hi HtL

I found it an interesting read. Weather wise - put it this way, glad I wasn’t eating fondue in a certain Swiss hotel today, see the BBC news for weather conditions in Austria, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden! Can’t imagine WoS are having a lovely time of it either at the moment.

All that said just read the Lincoln drill article - so we know we’ve got a lot of news coming our way with one thing or another. All very positive :}


Should add - as Bobsson noted at the start of this thread - this may or may not be delayed due to previous works on their existing contract and we’ll have to keep out for Transocean Leader via Enquest/Marine Traffic. Telbap on ADVFN just posted:

“… I doubt that time table will be kept to as the rig was over a month late seeing to the current site due to tech issues on the one previous. Might be end Feb or mid March before they arrive.”

And Laserdisc posted that Petrofac are getting ahead by working on the pre anchors in advance so should save some time when Transocean Leader comes onboard.


As are interested
Financial Times: Hitachi is set to abandon its plan to build a nuclear power station at Wylfa in Wales in a move that would leave the UK’s energy strategy in jeopardy.

Any significance to Drillers for Oil? Kr,A. - LLV


No doubt Hitachi have been consulting Mr Trump’s `The Art of the Deal’ which should include a bit about how to screw the best price out of someone. i.e. show that you are prepared to walk away if they would be desperate and you would be merely disappointed if it all fell apart.

In this case, they may be the ones who would be unhappy if we can simply switch to multiple small gas turbine power stations dotted about over fracking areas. Very responsive to demand fluctuations and making the most of a relatively clean domestic energy source. Not sure if they could be made small enough for road or rail transport to new sites once the resource has been used up, but I imagine that this is a possibility.

The possibility that might be helpful to us is that gas produced either directly or as a by-product to oil could be converted to easily transportable electricity close by in the Western Isles. The demand matching could be via Cruachan pumped storage near Oban or via new gas storage facilities if the gas generation at source cannot be throttled.

So it could be that it is Hitachi that is being squeezed and is just using the press in the hope that it will put pressure on the electricity companies. Actually walking away is literally a step further than merely being just `set to



So it could be that it is Hitachi that is being squeezed and is just using the press in the hope that it will put pressure on the electricity companies.

I agree with you, Floss. And even allowing for "The Art of the Deal’ negotiating techniques; the creation of any doubt (in the minds of Investors) on the ‘certainty’ of the availability of nuclear power, can do no harm to the Oil Drillers’ case. So I see it, anyway.

BTW, does anyone here have any insight (educated guess or empirical) of HUR’s plans for application to increase the (environmentally) statutory limit on gas burn-off and/or infrastructural facilitation to take the emitted gas to Market as an economic by-product? Early days yet, but that time is approaching; so would be interesting to speculate or - even better - to know!. Kr,A. - LLV


This is just speculation but the fact that gas is often flared underlines the fact that it can cost more to take it to market than it is worth in sales; however flaring is not acceptable environmentally, so gas can be an `uneconomic by-product’, costing more to get rid of than it is worth.
There will be many factors which determine this, quantity of gas, distance to shore and what the market will pay for it once ashore which of course depends on the competition from US shale gas and other sources.

Even if there is a plentiful supply of gas and a good market ashore, the cost of the pipelines/compression facilities etc needed to get the gas to market is going to mean that even in the most favourable circumstances, it will be years before the initial capital costs are recovered, so the gas associated with oil may well be as popular as the gas we all generate as a



Hello H t L,

I’ve been away for a few days and I’ve been catching up on what’s been happening on the board.

I was disappointed to learn that you’ve been under the weather following some treatment you’ve had recently. Sometimes things get worse before they start to improve.

Also, it’s always darkest before the dawn as a new day full of optimism approaches.

Everyone on this board is wishing you well and I’m sure your courageous determination and family support will pull you through.



Hi carliol,

Nice to hear from you. I was starting to get a bit worried.

Thank you for your good wishes. I must admit I tend to take this day by day,(some days better than others). However, I don’t have much choice so just keep plugging away.

Lots going on now with HUR, so exciting times, although probably like many others I am keen now to see things start to happen. Especially hook-up and FOIL, but entirely trust the HUR team to proceed when the time is right, safety being the number one perogative.

Anyway, good to have you back.

Take care.

All the best.