Warwick & Lincoln 3 wells drilling 2019



I’ve wanted to go to Northumberland for some time, to explore the coasts etc. Unfortunately this is for a course so only there for three days, but looking forward to it nonetheless. Hoping I can persuade my husband to go back there with me as I think he’d enjoy the observatory there (as would I).

You live in that region don’t you Ash? Can see why you’d be out on your bike every day, it’s wonderful scenery.


Hello Albi 1,

I hope you enjoy your trip to Northumberland. It’s a beautiful part of the world. Once you get north of Tyneside there are lots of places to visit.

Alnwick Castle with it’s poison garden and wonderful fountains.

Keiler Forest and the Dark Sky Observatory. We’ve often been to Keilder Forest. it’s a wonderful drive from Cumbria. The route goes along the Scottish border and through the wild and once ungovernable Border Reiver country

Also a trip to Holy Island ( Also known a Lindesfarne } is a one off experience but don’t forget to check the tides.

Etc etc.

Enjoy your trip



Yes, it’s an official dark sky area.

Such an underrated county. Long beautiful beaches, more castles than anywhere else in the country, Hadrian’s Wall, stately homes, gardens.
And no traffic!


An essential part of a visit to Alnwick is spending time in the old station which now houses `Barter Books’ and the Station Buffet. Take your old hardback books in for which they will buy and put into the correct section and then browse the shelves and you will buy somebody else’s unwanted treasures. Whatever your interests, there will be a book on it and BB will have several of them. (One of its little quirky features is the model train that runs round above the shelves).

You can spend many happy hours there if it is a wet day but even if it is a beautiful day, at least pop in for a



Re. WD, I’ve just heard that, “in Vietnam same problem until drilled highly deviated wells to maximise fracs intercepts.”


Just speculating here, but when brittle strata (which are initially horizontal) are `bent’ by tectonic forces, they will form fissures which are vertical to accommodate the extra distance the upper surface must span compared to the lower.

So a vertical well could completely miss the fractures whereas a horizontal or at least `highly deviated’ well should find several especially if it is drilled perpendicular
to the line of the crest and



I hear California has a few new fractures…


And plenty of old oil…

`The story of oil production in California began in the late 19th century.[6] As of 2012, California was the nation’s third most prolific oil-producing state, behind only Texas and North Dakota. In the 20th century, California’s oil industry grew to become the state’s number one GDP export and one of the most profitable industries in the



Hello Carliol, Ash and Floss

Thanks so much for your recommendations. I’ve been drawn to the place for a good few years and will definitely book a proper stay for later in the year, maybe September? When does midge season fade?

Have to say Alnwick calls, sounds very herby and intriguing as does Holy Island.

Back to Hurricane, frankly I’m taking a break from reading too much, CMD is what’s needed. Hoping it’s going to be favourable news!


I hope it answers all the questions that have been going round.


I like Alnwick too. I live there ! :grin:. As for Hurricane - Just waiting I guess​:thinking::grimacing:



At least we know CMD can provide three months of data on Lancaster. Maybe some insight into the rest of GWA based on data collected from WD. I’m not sure it can tell us anymore than that at this stage.



Interesting, I won’t ask if you live in the castle or the local area:grin: Waiting is pretty much all we can do for the moment. It’s a hold for me pending a significant rise in the next 6 months.


I hope we get an AGM type statement, “At today’s CMD the chairman will deliver the following report…”


And let’s hop that Amundsen Spirit’s next call is at Lancaster.
We can tell from the timing of the visits what the average flow rates are.


There will be a press release before the event gets underway containing the main information planned to be disclosed during the presentation.

A webcast uploaded later in the day will be a full video of the event so that all investors benefit from the more detailed commentary.


Just how ease is this, when the well is deep within the granite? How good is the seismic down there?

At the end of the day Warwick deep contained oil, which the market does not recognise. I have seen no comments on the horizontal length of the well, 750m compared with the 1km planed! 25% less length must effect the flow rate. Remember Hurricane originally planed there production wells to have a 2km horizontal section and the reason for this was? Have Hurricane become complacent with there own success?

The market has ignored that Warwick contains oil and its pricing Hurricane as though it has lost 935m barrels, plus 600m barrels at Lincoln. The question is; is this reasonable?

The CMD will hopefully clear up these questions.


Which means that any speculation right now is likely to be proved to be just guess work but nothing ventured…

I suspect that the seismic data was so noisy that the true nature of the fractured granite could only be confirmed by actually drilling it. When they did, the fractures found were either not well interconnected with each other and/or the porosity of the granite was low i.e. not enough minor cracking.

However the other possibilities are that there was either not enough source rock to provide the oil, or not a trap with a good enough impermeable cap to prevent the hydrocarbons leaking to the surface. In other words, FB is not a license to print money; it is difficult to work out what might be down there on the basis of the poor 3D seismic surveys but expensive to drill speculatively. Every successful well has to support not only its own overhead costs but a share of the cost of the unsuccessful drills.

Dr T had to be an optimist to even consider FB in the UK; Lancaster gave him encouragement, Halifax confirmed that the resource was vast, so perhaps Warwick Deep will bring a dose of realism. There is oil in the FB, but only in places where there is a lucky combination of source rock, well fractured granite moved to a position above the source, and a stratigraphic trap below an impermiable capping layer.

WD confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons but the crestal drill has the best chance of finding a decent oil



Well said Flossy
Spirit will not finance drills all over the place on WD looking for something that may not be there.
Still not sure how they gave it a chance of success of 77% even if it was referring to the whole Warwick area.


130p would be nice