Warwick & Lincoln 3 wells drilling 2019



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If anyone belongs to the Hurricane Energy Facebook page, might be time to take a look and see if there are any pics posted of flaring. According to one poster on LSE just now a flare has been sighted from Solan. Not confirmed as yet … but much appreciated if could be investigated and link posted here.


Reports of flaring started on the rig. So the DST seems to be ongoing. With the interims due on the 20th you would expect HUR would want to provide a full update on current known data from the Lincoln Crestal well. So this week should see the well completed and suspended as a future producer. The interims should report the rig either in the process of or about to move to Warwick for the third well. We could be drilling at Warwick by the end of this month. As Warwick is an exploration well I think it will take up to 90 days to drill and complete if successful.


@Albi1 - have they really seen the light? I remain a sceptic until it becomes official.


Bobson and TheEcologist

Evidently a reliable source from Solan has posted a pic on the Hurricane Energy Plc Investors Group on Facebook. Certainly an RNS to look forward to on Monday.

Very good news if that is indeed the case and roll on the next drill. A little :champagne::cocktail: may be in order!


Thanks to 8Craggle on Advfn for sharing this pic from Facebook (Hurricane Energy Plc Investors Group)


Hurricane Energy plc, the UK based oil and gas company focused on hydrocarbon resources in naturally fractured basement reservoirs, provides an update in relation to the 205/26b-14 well (“Lincoln Crestal”).
The Company notes speculation regarding the flare on the Transocean Leader drilling rig. The Company confirms that a drill stem test on the Lincoln Crestal well has produced oil to surface, resulting in a flare. At 13:10 on Sunday 8 September 2019, the well was shut-in to enable a planned pressure build-up test.
The Company will update the market on initial results of the well, including flow rates and oil type, following completion of the ongoing testing phase.


“The Company will update the market on initial results of the well, including flow rates and oil type, following completion of the ongoing testing phase”

I think that statement is very positive as it includes initial results INCLUDING flow rates and oil type.
I think they know a lot more than they are letting on,but I must be patient!


Rumours that flaring has started again.


Looks like a dirty clean up burn, prior to testing.




· Maximum stable flow rate of 9,800 stb/d on ESPs
· Lincoln confirmed to contain light, 43° API oil
· No formation water produced
· Well now planned to be suspended as a future producer
Testing of the Lincoln Crestal well recorded a maximum stable flowrate of 9,800 stock tank barrels of oil per day (“stb/d”) with the use of electrical submersible pumps (“ESPs”). The well flowed at an average rate of 4,682 stb/d under natural conditions. No formation water was produced.
Lincoln Crestal is the second well in a three-well programme on the Greater Warwick Area (“GWA”). The well was spudded on 12 July 2019 and was drilled to a total depth of 1,780 m TVDSS. It included a 720 m horizontal section of fractured basement reservoir.
The well will now be suspended, subject to regulatory approval, with long term gauges installed to test interference with future GWA wells. It is then planned to be tied-back to the Aoka Mizu FPSO during 2020, subject to further technical evaluations, regulatory consent and final investment decision by the joint venture. Production from the tie-back would generate reservoir data to be used in planning future phases of development.
The Transocean Leader semi-submersible rig will now move to the location for the third well in the 2019 GWA drilling programme, 204/30b-A ‘Warwick West’.

Dr Robert Trice, Chief Executive of Hurricane, commented:

"We are delighted with the results of the Lincoln Crestal well. We have confirmed the presence of light oil which can be produced at commercial rates. The Lincoln Crestal well is now planned to be tied back to the Aoka Mizu FPSO next year. This would make Lincoln the second producing basement field in the UK.

“Based on the result of the 2016 Lincoln well, RPS Energy assigned 2C contingent resources of 604 million barrels of oil equivalent to Lincoln. This successful result brings us closer to monetising this huge resource.”


The rigmove will be the most expensive this year, more than £250k a day.


Congratulations to Hurricane, Spirit and all holders here, another milestone successfully reached! Would not be surprised if this turns out to flow higher in actuality - just like Lancaster!


Albi, Great news, expected news, but still great. Lancaster tested for a lot longer and was flowing at much higher rates at the end of the test, so expect higher flows when the well is completed next year. Reasons for short test are touched on by rr above, drilling rig hire and movements are expensive, and the GWA campaign is slightly behind schedule, they must move on. Warwick West (new name) is an exploration well, and in my opinion, if successful will be the tipping point for HUR share price performance. So best to take time to get WW drilled, appraised,fully tested, and completed as a future producer before being suspended. We could be drilling again by the end of the month and may have an early Christmas present. Lots of news expected before end of year, see other thread, if all goes well early 2020 will be exciting time for HUR share price.


Feels like a turning point doesn’t it? 90 days, will have to create a countdown calendar!


No less than six ships working for HUR around the AM and the Rig this morning, with the Geo Ocean III surveying nearby. So as expected the rig will either be in transit or arrived at Warwick West when the interim results are announced on Friday. The Q4 presentation should also be out on Friday and talk on other bb is imminent announcement of another FPSO hire. It will probably be existing ship and take about 2 + years to carry out the mods required for WOS operations, and will be for GWA contract area production. So we should also have Spirit committed to the GWA development by the end of the week.


Not overly keen on the available FPSO’s. e.g. Petrojarl Varg and Glas Dowr.

They are all getting on and will require major rework of the mooring system for west of Shetland (currently internal turret rather than buoy) . The Varg is too small IMHO as are the Sevan units on Hummingbird and Voyageur.

That leaves the OSX 1, which is big enough, but will need a lot of work to stand the heavy weather. I doubt the crew will be too keen with an all aft accommodation and helideck. She’ll be out of limits more often than not for helicopters.


I was hoping to buy a few more today by selling half of another but a 13% spread stopped that one.


Tugs now in close proximity to the rig, looks as if the move is about to happen.