Warwick & Lincoln 3 wells drilling 2019



I’m hoping for tomorrow.


I hope its tomorrow, but I think testing may continue for a few days, so RNS next week. I just think the longer they test the better the result. I think it will be all good whenever its announced.


It’s just the initial results RNS we are waiting for so fingers crossed.


From missdosh on the other board.
Scottish Oil Club
Our event tomorrow night is SOLD OUT with a Wait List. However, if you would like to join us remotely we will be livestreaming the presentation on the following link:-


It starts at 6 pm.


Thanks Guys,
I agree with what you say when you say the longer the wait the more likely the results will be good. Let’s hope this will in turn send the share price to where it should be. Been a long road we have travelled with HUR…


Thanks for the link, I am sure that we will all be listening but we need to bear in mind that close followers like us will have a pretty full picture of where we are, how we got here and how good the prospects are, unlike the Scottish Oil Club audience, so Dr T’s talk need only bring them up to our own level of knowledge to be interesting to them. There is no need for any new



Well said Floss. It can only be a summary and overview for regulatory reasons as we all know.
What is exciting tho is the level of interest around this presentation …it is by all accounts well over-subscribed. Perhaps the penny is beginning to drop as to what Hur have achieved and the incredible potential here.
After a year like this, the good doctor must be itching to get back to his shed and sit down for a bit !


The live feed tonight is now cancelled.

freezer1976: Yes twitter @scottishoilclub We had hoped to Live Stream the event tonight but due to a technical issue we are unable to broadcast. Please accept our apologies.


`The live feed tonight is now cancelled’

That is disappointing, but in view of the great interest, presumably Dr T will be asked lots of pertinent questions i.e. ones which go beyond what he had scripted. After he has answered the questions, then those attending will have been given potentially valuable inside information. So before trading opens tomorrow, he should have posted the text of his presentation together with the answers to the




I saw your question and the reply on LSE.

The first part of the reply is almost correct. Early wells on Lancaster had trouble flowing see page 28 of the May 2017 CPR. This was overcome with a different drilling mud and after the discovery a lighter drilling mud.

The second part of the reply is pure BS.

Hurricane and Spirit are not knowingly going to drill a well expecting it to fail, just to reduce the mud weight in the next well. Why, if this was correct, did they drill a horizontal well and not just a cheeper vertical well? With a vertical well they could have obtained information on the OWC and sidetracked with a lighter mud to achieve a production well. Why both trying a DST if they know the mud will not work?

If you look at the 2019 Interim Results Presentation page 13 you will see Warwick is divided into two separate areas by a fault, both of these areas must be “exploration” so drilling WD would not reduce the mud weight in the WW well.

Given the above some pompous LSE poster thinks he has worked out why WD would not flow, some five months after the drill, outsmarting DR T. Do you think this is credible or is it as described by Hurricane, an area of poorly connected basement?

We should be careful who we listen to, lots of BS out there.



Anyone guess when we will hear the results of the drill???


I will go for Monday


Taking their time it seems to me…as far as I can remember it was mentioned on this bb that the longer it takes to announce results, the better… What’s the thinking behind this? Not up to speed on the actual drilling side of things???


Impossible to say, could be anywhere between fantastic and disaster.


I think the theory there is , if the well is rubbish they wouldn’t test it for any longer than needed. i.e. plug abandon and get the rig off hire. This testing has been ongoing for 10 days which seems quite long but there could well have been stoppages in that for various reasons, weather, crew changes, well intervention, data acquisition, or something just broke…

Anyway it’s all very tight lipped this time around, nothing (that we can really trust) leaking out from sources.


From Albi from someone else:


Ralphy is SIPP - long time poster on LSE.


Who cares?

His post tells us absolutely noting that you could not deduce before the event.

SIPPn00b no longer posts on LSE as he feels insulted by your mate Adoubleidiot’s comments, after he was banned from SIPPN00b’s personal bulletin board. What a bunch of stupid children, why would anyone give them any credence? Just a few dunces trying to influence others and if not trying to ban them? Where in history have we see this before?

SIPPn00b and Adoubleidiot were fine with each other, when they were banning other poster on LSE. Where are Pijoe1212 and NigWit? You may not agree with them, but they had there own point of view. Now that board has become some halfwits facebook page talking about “anchors” poker and driving around France drunk, what possible relevance could that be to your investment?

I would rather listen to 50 people making the bear case, than 1 bull ramping it up. I know the bull case, I have invested in the bull case and I do not need any reassurance to calm my nerves. Could I have missed something, am I wrong, have I cocked up? Only by listening and giving credence to the bear case will I know.

How is the blood pressure? I notice that you have only posted 8 times on LSE and once here since “signing off for the weekend” to protected it?