Warwick & Lincoln 3 wells drilling 2019



Thanks Lameduck, odds on who gets there first at this rate - GWA or Lancaster - feeling mildly hysterical n a good comedy sort of ‘I can’t believe it’ way at latest ‘turnaround’. Forgive me …


Havila Venus and Havila Jupiter left Orkneys last couple of hours and now en route to GWA. IIRC the first drill is a Lincoln well to be tied back as a producer to the Aoka Mizu. They should have the job done by Mon/Tues next week. Then all eyes on Transocean Leader for any signs of movement. We have an oil worker on one of the bbs who has sight of the TL and will report as soon as it moves. Say three weeks for the move and spud of Lincoln well?


Hi Bobsson,

Thanks for the info in your last post. The Havilla Venus and the Havilla Jupiter are now both en route for Warwich and about half way between the Orkneys and Warwick. The Transocean Leader is stationary on the Kraken field which is about 60 miles east of the Shetlands.

I’m looking forward with optimism to the three drills on the GWA and the developments towards first oil from Lancaster.

The delays in the hook up have been frustrating but once the oil starts to flow from Lancaster the recent disappointments will soon be forgotten.



The Marine Traffic positions are from yesterday evening. HV & HJ are now on site but out of of terrestrial AIS range.

Orange circle is the Lancaster guard vessel but do not know if the blue spot to the south is connected. ais


Havilla Venus and Havilla Jupiter are now heading south past the Orkney`s destination unknown. Have they really completed the job of pre-laying the anchors in around 36 hours?
If so - good work!


Hello Bobsson,

It’s good to see another piece of the jigsaw is coming together. As soon as there’s a decent weather window that’s sufficiently long we should see the Aoka Mizu start heading for Lancaster. I don’t think they will sail if the w w is fairly short because Hurricane will get more that egg on their face if they have to abort a fourth attempt.

Even though the third aborted attempt was a minor fiasco, it was encouraging to see how the share price reacted to this single event of the A M leaving the Cromarty Firth en route for Lancaster.

This makes me wonder how much the next three events will effect the share price. i e

The A M setting sail for a fourth time for Lancaster.

A successful hook up.

Fist oil from Lancaster.

The all time high of slightly over 60p should surely a reached or improved upon.



Hi carliol,

I concur with with what you say, the next attempt at latching on to the buoy needs to be successful, and we could be drilling around the time we produce first oil. So we should see a double spike in the share price, the first, on successful hook up and the second, or perhaps a third spike, on first oil and the spud of the Lincoln well. Share price should move into the 60s but there is bound to be a lot of shares traded as some profits are taken and new investors, perhaps institutional investors start to move in at what for them would be at the bottom, ie risk starting to be removed from the share as investment grade, rather than us punters taking the big risk at lower (hopefully) prices.
We just need to remain patient for another three or four weeks then we should start to see the run up of the share price to the levels we expect.


From Laserdisc on Advfn:

“looks very likely that rig will be on location to start Lincoln drilling prior to AM Hook up, with regards to rig next week presently penciled in could be rig watching week -end approaching”


And from MatrixObserver on LSE:

TL rig move being booked also…


Good link for Transocean Leader, real-time stats…

Good luck all



vessels will be
Havila Jupiter
Atlantic Merlin
Havila Venus


Thanks to steelwatch on other bb. Good summary from Edison explaining what HUR are attempting to prove during the three well campaign on GWA, keep scrolling down for UKCS section. Will the Lincoln well spud in March?


Havila Jupiter moved berths in Montrose Harbour yesterday and Atlantic Merlin this morning.


There is nothing in the weather forecast I see that makes me think that the AM will go anywhere for at least the next week


Ash, We are talking about the rig on this thread.
These are the rig support ships.


Oops, getting my Havilas mixed up with my Grampians.


Yes !!! The Atlantic Merlin has departed Montrose, steaming north at 9.2 kts… the GWA adventure begins :clap::clap::clap:


Hello Millais,

Well spotted. You were posting as I was typing and posting under another subject heading.

Perhaps this is the start of a series of news worthy events.



Seems I’ve missed out on the name Atlantic Merlin as well.
However, I seem to be getting daily midday position reports for the Transocean Leader so I’ll know when that moves.


Havila Jupiter a few miles astern with Havila Venus (ETA Kraken Field 2019-03-16 21:00)
in the harbour mouth


HAVILA VENUS changed the reported Destination
with ETA: 2019-03-16 19:00 UTC

Time: 2019-03-16 12:04 UTC