Warwick & Lincoln 3 wells drilling 2019



Bearing in mind that this is fractured basement, there will certainly be all sorts of fractures and voids for the drill to traverse, some of which will lead on into a maze of (hopefully oil filled) cracks and voids.

Each of these has the potential to allow the drilling mud to be lost as happened on the Lancaster drill, so it may not be



Just checking back reports from Hurricane’s previous drilling on Lincoln. I note that they spudded the 205/26b on 8th November 2017 and completed on 19th December, a total drill of 40 days or so.

Our latest well was spudded by Spirit on 16th April suggesting that we should start looking out for RNS around 25th May …

Fingers crossed


Or earlier:} Fingers crossed!


Hope for a drilling update on Warwick Deep well this coming week. I think there will be a drilling RNS perhaps on Tuesday. As indicated earlier I expect the well to take up to 90 days because it is the deepest and probably the most complex of the three wells. Drilling commenced on 17th April so we are only 6 weeks into the operation. If the drilling report advises good progress, we may get an early result mid July. Anything before that will be a bonus in my book. I think drilling success on WD could put 20p on the share price. But watch out for those profit takers.


“Anything before that will be a bonus in my book”

In my experience any drilling result that comes in very early spells disaster. Usually down to misleading seismics which I lost faith in a long time ago.


ash, I take your point , I`ve been there, but I am not expecting a duster. If a positive drilling update is out this week (AGM week) the well might be successfully drilled prior to the middle of July. But you were expecting a 60 day drill anyway.


I am happy to wait and see.


Reports and rumours circulating that we have had a problem with the drill at Warwick. First drill has been plugged and a side track is now being drilled. So if it was not a 90 day drill originally it probably is now. Time for a drilling RNS HUR.


Good post from Adoubleuk on LSE re. the drilling issue, I hope he doesn’t mind if I repost here for the benefit of the technically challenged amongst us.

"I heard the story of them not being able to get the casing down around a couple of weeks ago, but decided not to post anything here about it.

The ‘error’ is not exacty what one might call common, but it’s far from unknown. And can be directly attributed to poor judgement, probably both in the field, but maybe also condoned by drilling management in town, or even a direct instruction on the part of said management, and the guy in the field being either inexperienced or not having the balls to argue with his bosses.

When I first heard the news, with the story about ‘no wiper trip’ included, my heart sank. Because the most frequent cause of getting problems running casing to depth is exactly that. No ‘wiper trip’. Space (and maybe peoples’ interest or lack of it) prevents me from making a complete explanation of what a ‘wiper trip’ is about, but it’s simply an operation that (at those depths) would have maybe taken 12 hours. But translate that as being 50% of the rig’s dayrate, the fact that the ‘casing crew’ will have already been onboard (so on the payroll) and the figures start to add up. And it’s a sad fact that for the last 30 years or so, drilling operations tend to be lorded-over by beancounters rather than engineers.

It’s also very possible that trying to ‘circulate the casing down’ once things had got ‘sticky’ just compounded the problem. That’s often the case

Of course this is easy to say with 20/20 hindsight, because a ‘wiper trip’ is just a sort of insurance. As an analogy, having insurance doesn’t determine a person’s ability to drive a car safely. But get involved in an accident when you’re not insured, and there’s generally hell to pay.

The whole situation will probably have added about 3 million to the well cost. Maybe more, I don’t know. But it’ll be investigated, and doubtless if any error is attributed to Petrofac, some of that cost will be subtracted from their end-of-campaign invoice.

But again, word has it that the drilling is now ‘back on track’, and as is always the case, if the well is successful, the delay and the causes will be relegated to the ‘just one of those things’ collection."


Sounds like a tight ship they are running if it’s taken from the 21st May for us to hear about it.


Worth remembering that we are drilling Fractured Granitic Basement with its potential for vugs and cracks that will impose asymetric loads on the drill head and could drain off drill mud. So the occasional pause for thought or even pause to take remedial action will be par for the



Thanks for the link Flossoffa and fair point.

That was in the back of my mind, the geology in front of them and just how tricky was it? Still having heard about it for the first time today, doing a wiper trip first sounds sensible. Again the AGM may be the place to find out more …


Thanks for posting


Bumped into RT last Monday at ABZ airport, so kinda makes sense about delays at Warwick, as he likes to be on the rig for drilling. Ps he won’t be in London Wednesday.


Hi All,

The Warwick Deep well was spudded on 17th April 2019. That’s around c60days since the drill started so we could have an RNS letting us know the outcome of the drill at any time.

With the first shipment of oil from Lancaster to the refinery in Rotterdam and news of Warwick Deep well there will be plenty to talk about at the C M D next month. Also there will be news of how the two wells on Lancaster are performing.



I think the Capital Markets Day is 11th July which was only confirmed after I had penciled in the 11th July as the day I expected drilling results from Warwick Deep. So I cannot see them going into a CMD event without giving the WD result prior to it. Therefore I am expecting news week commencing 1st July. There is a general air of nervousness and uncertainty around the bulletin boards, as rumours of drilling problems turn to possibilities of drilling failure being discussed. I must admit that I have not really entertained the idea of drilling failure and am staying positive and hoping blockbuster news will be announced for one of those euphoric bulletin board days when the share price spikes.


I have, it’s the riskiest drill we’ve ever done. If it comes in great, if it doesn’t we still have a silly amount of oil.


After the fishing came the comment about, “schoolboy howlers” so a failure caused by no oil or they trashed the well wouldn’t come as a great shock.
After today’s failure to flare I will give them 1 more day before really thinking that something is not quite right.
This is what happens with frontier drills.



Yuyus post on LSE about ‘schoolboy howlers’ should not be misinterpreted. The main thrust of their post (if you can decipher much of Yuyus rather enigmatic writing style at times) was simply, we don’t know until we know and not to make assumptions on BBs. All will be revealed in due course … There is an old saying ‘no news is good news’ - if something had gone seriously wrong, think we’d know by now.

Just a few more months …


He seemed to mean it as a known fact to me. He does know what is going on but has been strangely quiet today.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow.