Warwick & Lincoln 3 wells drilling 2019



Hello Albi ! & Ash,

With the experience Hurricane have drilling wells such as the Warwick Deep and the knowledge they have of the reservoirs , I can’t see the well being a duster. However, there’s a lot that can go wrong with such ground breaking wells.

Even if Hurricane and Spirit have made a dog’s breakfast of the drill, ( apologies to dogs) they’ll just have to do it again from a different perspective.

What appears to be over looked is that Hurricane have a free carry on the three well progranmme on the GWA. I’m not familiar with the small print in the deal between Hurricane and Spirit, but whatever happens on this drill the oil ain’t going nowhere, it will still be there for the next drill.

Don’t forget, we’ve had first oil from Lancaster and 100% of the revenue is starting to flow into Hurricane’s coffers, so the company has no money worries.

I always find lots of posters on the boards get impatient, which is understandable, and start to fear the worst when drills take a long time but I prefer to wait for the RNS which will let us know the outcome of the drill, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent.

Best wishes from a very hot and sunny Cumbria. What’s gone wrong with the weather??



Hi All,

Looking at Hurricane’s share performance today makes me think there might be some news soon.

The share was in the doldrums all day with an intra day low of 52.65p and at 3.00pm was 52.90p. The share price rose steadily until it closed up 0.56% at 54p.

Maybe it’s the market makers playing games or perhaps the reason for the rise will be apparent tomorrow.



I lost a very large amount of money with Chariot Oil when several companies, including BP and Petrobras, bought in after looking at the seismics in the data room “showing” billions of barrels on both sides of a ridge and everyone assuming that west Africa was analogous to east South America.
They drilled both sides of the ridge and didn’t find a drop.
I won’t forget that in a hurry and have never trusted seismics since.
Look at all the dusters over the last couple of years which were expensively drilled based on seismics.


Hello Ash,

The same happened with Tullow. They found a shed load of oil off shore Ghana and thought the same thing could happen further along the West African coast, ie Ivory Coast, Senegal etc and also on the other side of the Atlantic. But they also found nothing.

All this goes to show how risky oil exploration is and hopefully Hurricane will be the exception



Correction about Senegal and Tullow, Carliol. In fact Tullow got going in Senegal by finding gas around 1990-1991 and rocket boosted their sp. There is plenty of oil offshore Ivory Coast and Senegal … you just have to drill in the right places! And i would not give up on their S. America acreage either.


Good Morning Eco,

Tullow is currently producing 3000 bod from The Ivory Coast and nothing from Senegal. The company hasn’t done anything of any significance in West Africa apart from Ghana.

I recall a few years ago Tullow made a big find off shore South America and the share price went up by 100p on the day. I think it was French Guyana and the name of the well was Zaedyus. Tullow went back with Shell to appraise the find and found absolutely nothing.

Tullow currently have a drilling programme off shore South America, lets hope they have better luck with these drills.



Posted by laserdisc on other bb thanks laser.

bit cryptic but does this mean that Transocean Leader is on the move next week? Hurricane are the operator but Spirit are paying. Two vessels to be chartered one is for anchor handling .
So if no flaring over the weekend it is bad news?
Views please.


That would be a disaster i.e. a duster for whatever reason.


Nothing, it is brilliant (literally). I agree that the Lake District might soon need to be renamed, but most of us would still rather bask in the sun than plod about in



Hello Floss,

It’s been absolutely beautiful here in Cumbria today. Wall to wall blue sky with very little wind. It’s the type of weather I will gladly suffer!

I got home after the market had closed and I couldn’t believe to way the share price fell to an intra day low of 48.92p and then rebounded to close at 52.45p. The share price fell very sharply at around 9.00am and then bounced back quickly and gradually recovered for the rest of the day’s trading to close 60p down on the day or down 1.13%.

I don’t really know what to make of today’s trading. There’s also the slide from 64p following first oil from Lancaster. There are lots of theories that could explain what’s happened but unfortunately no hard facts. Lots of people are putting two and two together to make five. It’s all smoke and mirrors, I suppose we’ll simply have to wait for an RNS which should hopefully shed some light on today’s trading.

If there had been a leak and the Warwick Deep is a duster, would the share price have bounced back so quickly from 48.92p? Perhaps it was a massive bear raid in anticipation of a good result from the W D.

The CMD will be on 11th July 2019 and I’m sure Dr Trice will want the result of the W D to be announced prior to the Hurricane presentation.

If the W D is a duster then we have two more drills to look forward to and don’t forget Hurricane have a free carry on all these drills. Also, the W D was being drilled as a producing well so Dr Trice must have been confident of hitting a shed load of oil.

Today’s events are disconcerting, even for the most seasoned investor and it only confirms that investing in oil companies is not for the faint hearted or those of a nervous disposition.



It is almost unbelievable where the SP is after first oil and filling a tanker a couple of weeks later.

Surely HUR must know that their total silence is doing no good at all.


If this is about the Havila Borg it is down as, “Supply duties, 7 days firm”


You mention `filling’ the tanker, but all we know is that it left the AM; we can reasonably assume that it took all the oil it could take but we don’t know if it was full, it could have simply taken all that the AM had



I thought it was stated by Rotterdam that was 350,000 bbls?

Could be wrong, though.


Whether the RNS this coming week is good bad or indifferent, the good news is that we have two more wells to drill, one is on Lincoln which is a proven discovery and is intended to be tied back as a producer to the FPSO. Even better is the fact that HUR is not paying for these drills.


I was just wondering about a worst case scenario. Not getting good feelings about WD with the lack of flaring and who knows if the Halifax problems can be overcome.
But yes, there is still Lincoln.


Just back from 44 degrees in Montpellier, so grateful to return to only 34 degrees in the UK yesterday and now thankfully only 25 degrees.

No idea what’s going on at the moment but I still maintain no news is good news and see the SP minor ups and downs as nothing to worry about. If it was a duster I do think the SP would have dropped significantly more by now (in spite of other prospects).

CMD now only 11 days away …


Hurricane Energy plc, the UK based oil and gas company focused on hydrocarbon resources in naturally fractured basement reservoirs, provides an update in relation to the 205/26b-13Z (“Warwick Deep”) well.
Following completion of drill stem testing of the Warwick Deep well, the decision has been made to plug and abandon the well.
The Warwick Deep well was drilled to a total depth of 1,964m TVDSS and included a 712m horizontal section of fractured basement reservoir. Initial analysis indicates that the well intersected a poorly connected section of the fracture network within the oil column. The well did not flow at commercial rates producing a mixture of drilling brine, water, oil and gas.
The Company and its contractors are currently evaluating the drill stem test data and fluid samples with the objective of providing an update on this preliminary analysis at Hurricane’s Capital Markets Day, scheduled for 11 July 2019.

The rig will now undertake work to permanently plug and abandon the Warwick Deep well and will then move to the 205/26b-B ‘Lincoln Crestal’ well, the second well of a three-well programme on the Greater Warwick Area. Hurricane has a 50% interest in the Greater Warwick Area following Spirit Energy’s farm-in to the P1368 South and P2294 licences in September 2018.

Dr Robert Trice, Chief Executive of Hurricane, commented:

"It is disappointing that the Warwick Deep well did not flow at commercial rates. We were initially encouraged by hydrocarbon shows and gas ratio analysis indicative of light oil, however drill stem testing has clearly demonstrated that Warwick Deep cannot be considered suitable as a future production well and therefore the well will be plugged and abandoned.

“I look forward to commencing operations on the second well in the three-well programme, Lincoln Crestal. This is now the preferred candidate to be tied back to the Aoka Mizu FPSO, where Lancaster EPS production operations remain in-line with guidance.”


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