Where To Next



this share is really motoring.
Surely it cant keep going can it?

My other half has share options that mature every three years & is making a real killing at these levels.
When it was listed in euros it was a dog but since changing it has motored along for the last few years.

Whats worrying is shes doing better than me & I’ve been at it for 20 years !!

Still she needed some persuading to sign up to it in the first place so I’m claiming half the spoils. That’ll make up for all the earache I usually contend with

GL all :blush:


Hi Jeez,

I have been holding for sometime and doubled my holding before Christmas. My view is that GNC is still cheap based on PE. The other positive is the USA growth. GNC has major Starbucks roll out. My target is ambitious, but based on the numbers - £3.50 in 2014. Happy New Year.