Who stated thorium was safe?



I never knew that thorium was used by today´s military before watching this video.

“He explained that thorium is much more harmful than depleted uranium, and that the area of the polygon of Quirra was completely impregnated. This substance has found its way into cheese, worms, mushrooms, shepherds and animals: pigs born with six legs and lambs with a single large eye.”


Hi Sara,

Good to see Italy taking the lead with “no vaccination, no school”. Who’d a thought it? Our old friend Les seems to have dropped off the radar. Probably playing with Percy?



What ever happened to personal free choice? Don´t take your kids to school! Is there any evidence vaccines work? You need to look at the marketing strategies big pharm uses.

Just look at pre - 2000´s lead was emitted from vechicle exhausts, this is absolutely incredible. If you are so pro vaccines what about amalgam fillings?

Look at these HAART drugs, now being closely linked hodgkin lymphoma, trying to prevent something that may just be hypothetical. Look at charities such as Parkinson’s ones. Proclaiming to be “finding a cure”. Jesus! neurological disorders & injuries medicine, still cannot treat let alone cure. If you don´t know what causes Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, how can you possibly hope to find a “cure”. More BS more the medical community. Now the thought is that Alzheimer´s is just a severe form of dementia nothing to do with the one found in 1906.


I must admit that I was very surprised that the ragged populist Italian coalition fell in behind the vaccination decision. It is one which is backed by science. Vaccines prevent almost all infection and schools congregate a large number of children together which make them ideal for the transmission of disease. For herd immunity we need something like 95% to be vaccinated.

The science is against you and your anti-vacc propaganda kills people. Shame!

Frog ina tree


We´re past Victorian times!!! Measels used to kill in the Victorian times but Cholera, Typhoid, Smallpox, Scarlet Fever, Measles, Mumps and Rubella are all diseases of the past. “The science is against you and your anti-vacc propaganda kills people. Shame”!

Just out of interest how many people does measels kill in the UK a year?


I’m all for following the science too.

And that’s why Dairy products shouldn’t be forced into the diet of children as happens today. So maybe that should be stopped?
Milk and other dairy products are the top sources of artery-clogging saturated fat with cheese being especially dangerous with it’s high concentration of fat.
For years they have been linked to various cancers eg. prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.
There are equally bad statistics about meat consumption where it leads to cancers such as colon or rectum cancer… processed meat certainly but not just processed meat… it’s any meat.

The above is quite apart from the clear animal welfare issues and impact on climate change via greenhouse gases from livestock… deforestation and water shortages from farming.


Thanks for that Sara. It gave me a good laugh. Hasn’t it crossed your mind that MMR has declined from Victorian levels precisely because of vaccination? Perhaps a bit too scientific for you? The anti-vacc lies are causing worry among parents and innoculation rates have fallen with reported consequential rises in rate of infection.


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Science is all built around statistics, the law of small numbers etc. There can be other reasons other than a vaccination rates. As I stated before diseases can be bought in by immigration (other strains). If vaccines work why are there no vaccines for diphtheria scarlet fever?

“Prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.” There can be many reasons for such diseases. Ovarian & cervical have been linked to tampons & other stuff such as JJ talcom powders. Lung cancers, who knows what really causes this. For ever woman that gets this disease 5 men get it. This doesn´t add up to a diary diet.

Nitrites in food certainly can cause cancer but you need to look at many of these artificial sweetners.



We are reasonably clear that smoking is the biggest risk factor for lung cancer, causing 85% of lung cancers in men and 80% in women. Lung cancers are falling with the fall in smoking overall. Not sure what all that has to do with vaccination.

By the way, we are not at all sure of the physiological effect of eating diaries. I suggest that you desist from this habit.




Not true, there is no SCIENTIFIC evidence that smoking causes cancer, there is a correlation but there is probably another viriable. I thought lung cancers were actually steady if not rising, they certainly do not reflect the demographics of smoking. Lung cancer is primarily a male disease, always has been.


Scientists advising the World Health Organization declared processed meat a “carcinogen”.
Still… we’ve had enough of these so-called experts haven’t we.


First you must evaluate what consitutues an expert? There have been many cases in English law where “experts” have given evidence only to be discredited. You have experts in many fields that are going on unproved hypothesis. Some times it is just accepted without question academics hypothesis. Look at Alzheimer’s, some professor comes up with a theory at Kings College, & it is taken as fact. All the drugs based on this guy´s theory have never remotely worked!

Nitrites & antibiotics certainly can cause ill health. The average UK consumer of dairy products consumes roughly 50mg of antibiotics a year.



You are making yourself look ludicrous by denying that smoking is a causal factor in most lung cancers. Totally ludicrous! Do your friends all agree with your wacky theories?



I guess the NHS and the WHO are just wacky conspiracy theorist Groups. Maybe those YouTube sites you read have a better quality of scientist behind them.


I think it’s anything processed. There was an interesting study where they looked at the geographics of the longest average human lifespan . There was a great variety in these diets. East to West. They found that many living a long time had great diet variations. Some diets included wines and meats. Cheese. Others just plant based.

So the commonality was not the food groups for longevity. It was processed v not so. But im sure air quality plays a big part to.


I think one of these studies found that the longevity was down to one Greek village climbing a hill every day. No doubt air quality is a big factor. Why do all these studies ignore the ingestion of prescription drugs? It´s the additives, it´s the alcholol & tobacco but no one has ever questioned or even attempted to ask do prescription drugs play a role in decreasing life-spans? Also plastics when the additives when heated seep into foods. There are many academics who think that plastics could be responsible for many cancers . As well as mental health.


Very good points on plastics and prescription drugs. I also read (But not referencing it as fact) that plastics, processed foods and drugs have a bad affect on the lower gut receiving the few good bacteria that can get past the acid - as a big negative affect on mental/physical health (where the lower gut health plays a big part in mental/physical health)

I’m no expert though. Just saying what I read a few times


Same old, same old Sara. Your answer is alway that vaccines and of pharma products are the seat of the problem. It doesn’t stack up. Increased access to medicines, better medical support and cleaner living conditions has been the cause of improving health. You vontinue to look stupid.


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Where do you get cleaner living conditions from? Air quality and ocean water quality are down a lot over the years. Medicines, as you say may prolong life. But are we not suffering sooner than past generations due to deteriorating qualities?

I can’t remember Many 40-50 year olds on prescriptions years ago. Seems every second one needs something now.

As for land and food quality from said, more and more we are unwittingly eating our own excrement now, to try nurture poor quality soil back from pesticide overload.


It’s not compulsory to eat at McDonald’s.