Who stated thorium was safe?



Lol. Seriously though. See the process at human waste recycling plants for farmers? Not exactly sweet . Yorkshire water I think shipping it everywhere now nationally


Improving health & longevity has namely been down to better sanitation. First of all go back to Victorian times & perhaps London in particular. The average life-span was around 48-50 years. 1/2 of all children below 9 died. 5% of all births were still. Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Smallpox, Scarlet Fever, Measles, Mumps, Rubella were rife & big killers before antibiotics. The Great Stink (1848) showed just how contaminated the Thames really was. Didn´t Brunnel, suffer serious bad health trying to block a hole in his new East London, tunnel back in the mid 1800´s?

“That vaccines and of pharma products are the seat of the problem.” Did I really state that? Can these products have the potential to cause ill health?


Thought you might be interested in this Hardcore…


I never said this stuff was safe no pesticide has ever been researched for their long term health effects. There are quite a few potential carcinogens in food you need to know what all these e numbers are that’s how they are disguised. You go on about these meats but the same preservatives can be used in many other food. You need to look closely at nitrites which can cause NHL & possibly HL. There may be more than one variable with various cancers.

This is why most cancer charities are cons, if you don´t know what causes the cancers how are you likely to ever find a cure? & the best cure of all is probably prevention. If it´s not cancer, it will be heart disease the only thing you can be guaranteed is that you´re going to die you just hope it´s not to painful. They say dying young is bad but getting old & dying isn´t much better!

If you´re interested in prostate cancer, what about caffeine as a cause? the growth in caffeine consumption between 1980 to around 2015, has been roughly 20% the same growth rates as prostate cancer.