With alluvial income , hard rock agreement signed strange how ( MM's ) value XTR at £3.25 million



With so few shares changing hands I’d say the ( MM’s ) have moved their catch the novice SP up from 0.7p /share to 0.90p /share .

With alluvial revenue stream figures for Q2 , 2019 expected to be a lot higher than previous quarters not only on throughput side but 50 / 50 profits split with Nexus giving a 20% increase to XTR from earlier quarters when split was 60 / 40 to Nexus .

Hard rock agreement for fair brides gives XTR , 23% net profit of gold produced . With the DFS stating 2.63g/t that’s a huge future revenue stream for XTR as long as Mutapa Mining and Processing LDA (“MMP”) doesn’t exercise it’s option to purchase the Fair bride concession for US$20 million .

With Ominia already in an agreement to process 12 other hard rock areas within the Manica prospect , XTR would still have an important stake in hard rock development as well as being cash rich allowing it to purchase nearby concessions for further expansion in Manica .

With Xtract Resources being debt free , cash in the bank , dorey bars at the Manica prospect and so much potential going for it I find it surprising the Market Cap is only £3.25 million but then the ( MM’s ) will re-rate XTR when they’ve cleaned the bottom of the barrel of novices / traders / shorter’s and those chasing dreams in Neverland .