With news due , MM's shaking out traders as per usual



Yep , most of us have seen this happen so many times before . A drop in SP , roll over passes through at bottom of trend then news arrives just days later . Just hope it isn’t Mr,Colin Bird buying another 1 million shares before the alluvial results are revealed but we do know the first month of three of Sino 2 , Q3 2019 results are great hence who would blame him . Knowing we’re going further into the chicken farm area too also backs up results for the two unknown months of Q3 2019 .

Worth remembering to keep a long term hold position as well as trading tranches since it takes all the guess work out of timing when the big news arrives .


Was going to buy a few more when I saw the sp drop a bit today, people are so impatient these days, expecting shares to bag in a week or they sell! Unfortunately I’ve been busy on other things and just got to the computer a couple of minutes too late. Hope the news doesn’t come tomorrow as that will no doubt give me another chance.
Good luck.