With Xtract Resources potential worth keeping an eye on significant investors positions



I noticed on Xtract Resources Plc website two individuals Mr Alex Terry and Mr C Stewart have a combined total of 9.92% of the company’s shares as of 7th May 2019 . I knew from communications with captainBob ( lse chat site poster ) that several of us own over 1% of shares in issue each but this is new to me .

Recent share price activity suggests there may be other large share holders building positions since the ( MM’s ) used 0.70p / share prior to the recent hard rock agreement announcement and now appear to have pitched around the 0.90p /share . Yep , I know the SP went lower than 0.70p /share since I bought some at 0.64p /share similar pattern now .

Once the orders are filled prior to the Q2 2019 alluvial revenue stream results I’m sure we’ll see a significant rise in Market Cap . After all these large share holders aren’t loading up for no good reason and with dry season allowing Sino 2 a clear path to meeting their 24 x 7 throughput commitment I expect Q2 2019 revenue from alluvial sales to be much higher than last year .


Market Maker in buying mode just did a dummy sell of a million shares a few times and every time accepted without Negotiated Trade (N/T) kicking in at 0.805p/share . I’d say they’re either closing a short or filling an order or both to create another significant share holder … brrr … not me but ironic how to buy over 500k shares you have to go through (N/T) with Halifax online share trading even though the real time ask is 0.835p/share . Similar pattern been happen a while now but much rather have large share holders / significant share holders interested in Xtract Resources than traders .