WJG : Pre-Close Trading Statement



The latest Trading Statement [click to view] did not appear to be too bad and the market seems to also think it is reasonable, although I am unsure if this mornings’s rise is the result of the Statement or just a reflection of the more positive tone on the markets in general.

At least the sp has been ignoring the recent gyrations of the FTSE and has maintained a more sideways trajectory. Hopefully the forthcoming results will reignite a more upward movement, but this will depend on how the markets are viewing the more general effect of our leaving the eu at the time they are released.


Yes great set of results and pleasing to see a strong pipeline in place and visibility over future earnings - ticks all my boxes for a long term investment here. It has certainly out-performed any early morning gains across the FTSE…

What happens in the market over the forthcoming months is anyone’s guess… I have been slowly increasing my cash holding and getting out of some investments. Without the Brexit backdrop / noise WJ would be flying… Great company, and been a great investment thus far.


A Woodford share Edmond Jackson on this site liked yesterday.
Gap down this morning to 211p early,before puling back to 216p.
Bit like unite .


Hi Ripley, are you in here, I just added a few more at 213p, as now consider this currently undervalued.
Did you top up here yesterday when there was the big family sell off for 210p - causing the significant drop to around that price ?
I was a bit slow to react.