Today's RNS .. the Company has today informed KPZ International Ltd ("KPZ") that it intends to exercise its option to act as contractor for the Kalengwa Processing project [General] (1)
Mr.Colin Bird proving his point with regards to Market Cap by buying another 1 million XTR shares [General] (2)
90 day due diligence for the Kalengwa Processing Project coming to an end [General] (2)
More good news for Mozambique and of course those already invested in the Country [General] (1)
Half-Year Report , 27th September 2019 [Market Discussions] (2)
Sino 2 alluvial Q3 results expected Nov 1st , with Junes mths prod of 14.5kg already known [General] (2)
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Today's results after only 35 days into the due diligence period of 90 day's bodes well for Xtract Resources [Market Discussions] (1)
Today's " Tailings sampling at Kalengwa Copper Project Zambia " RNS .... tailings dumps yields an average grade of 1.03% Cu, [Market Discussions] (1)
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Eureka Project Update , RNS .... 9th August 2019 [Market Discussions] (1)
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RNS , Q2 alluvial revenue 305 ounces attributable to Explorator , with 533 ounces sold attributable to Explorator [Market Discussions] (3)
MM shorts getting closed with introduction to market of placing shares [Market Discussions] (4)
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3 months since last alluvial update is a week Thursday [Market Discussions] (1)
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With Q2 2019 coming to an end it's a new beginning for Sino2 profits coming XTR way [Market Discussions] (2)
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Thursday 14th June 2018 , RNS , update [Market Discussions] (1)
With alluvial income , hard rock agreement signed strange how ( MM's ) value XTR at £3.25 million [Market Discussions] (1)