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How to transfer your ii SIPP to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS)

Things to consider before you transfer

A Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) is a pension scheme set up outside the UK, intended to receive pension transfers for people who are moving to live outside the UK permanently. Transferring to QROPS can carry a higher risk of scams. Pension schemes in the UK are regulated by the FCA or The Pensions Regulator. Not all countries have the same level of regulatory oversight for pensions. If you are thinking about transferring to a QROPS, please the read the information in our pension scams information booklet and on the FCA ScamSmart website.

We also recommend seeking advice from a suitably qualified financial advisor or free, impartial pension guidance from MoneyHelper or (if you are 50 or over) Pension Wise.

The following instructions are for transfers to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS).

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Click here for instructions on how to transfer to Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) or an Occupational Pension Scheme.

How to transfer your ii SIPP to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS)

The first thing you should do if you want to transfer your ii SIPP is to contact your new provider.

  • Download a Transfer out form – QROPS
    You can type directly into the text boxes. Alternatively, you can print the form and fill it in by hand. 
  • Section 1 – Transferring out
    We need to know why you want to transfer your SIPP from ii. Please provide more details.

  • Section 2 – Account holder’s details

    Complete this section with your personal, contact and account details.

    If you have received advice in relation to the transfer, please select Yes, provide the details of the adviser, and move to the next section. Otherwise, please select No and move to the next section.

  • Section 3 – Type of receiving scheme and receiving scheme administrator details

    You must provide the additional information that is requested on the form to evidence the residency link between you and the receiving scheme. Please return the additional information with the completed transfer form.
    Complete the details of the receiving scheme.

  • Section 4 – Transfer details

    Select how you wish to transfer out the investments in your SIPP.

    If you are transferring investments, in full or specific ones only, please list these on a separate sheet and return with the completed transfer form.

  • Section 5 – Account holder’s declaration

    Please read the declaration. Then sign and date the section.

  • Section 6 - To be completed by the receiving scheme administrator

    Send the transfer form to the receiving scheme administrator for them to complete this section.

  • Section 7 – Investment services provider’s details

    Complete this section if the pension scheme is provided by one company, and the investment/trading services are provided by a separate online stockbroker or platform service.

  • Next steps

    When the transfer form is complete, please return to us together with any additional information that has been requested.

    Please send us a secure message from your online account and attach the documents.

    Or you can post the documents to: Transfers Team, interactive investor, 2nd floor, One Embankment, Neville Street, Leeds, LS1 4DW.