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Personal Assets Trust plc

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Personal Assets Trust plc

Personal Assets Trust is a self-managed investment trust run by its Board, which takes all major decisions collectively. While Robin Angus has executive duties, all of the Directors regard themselves and one another as equal in duties and responsibilities they owe to shareholders and accordingly work together as a unitary Board within which the Chairman (who is elected by the Directors from among their own number) acts as primus inter pares.

The Directors are elected by the shareholders and regard corporate governance and accountability to shareholders as fundamental. They therefore place considerable emphasis on running the Company in the way they believe to be best suited to the successful management of an investment trust on behalf of its shareholders.

All of the non-executive Directors are considered to be independent in character and judgement and, in the opinion of the Board, there are no relationships or conflicts of interest which are likely to affect the judgement of any Director.

Investing in Personal Assets Trust

PAT is a quoted investment trust, and can be purchased via most UK brokers, wealth managers and fund platforms. PAT offer a trading facility with Interactive Investor (“ii”) to enable you to hold shares in the Company through an Interactive Investor ISA or Trading Account, where PAT cover the annual fee, online dealing costs and dividend re-investment costs, if you hold only PAT in your ii account.

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