3 months since last alluvial update is a week Thursday



I enjoy reading the L.S.E. bulletin board to get a general feel of what the traders / investors / Kat … are all doing and obviously the most probable course of future share price travel . I haven’t got any trading tranches as I sold them in the wash & rinse cycle we were in for months lower down . I do have my long term hold shares that are smiling at me every time I log into my account . So what have I gleaned from the traders is they’ve top slice , investors are very happy with the recent sharp rise in SP and Kat using multi pseudonyms wants everyone confused by her posts so much so traders either sell thinking that’s it or they do some research and keep some long term hold shares since the SP is unlikely to retrace when news is days away .

News of the alluvial profits from Sino 2 with their new increased throughput commitment along with the chicken farm alluvial’s to process should be substantially up on a year ago . We may even get a progress report regarding Omnia and the hard rock processing from Guy Fawkes . Selecting cherry picking of Guy Fawkes should yield fantastic results if processing has already started which wouldn’t surprise me .

The MM’s are walking this up daily giving the impression they know something , maybe they do maybe they don’t it might just be significant share holders have orders to fill . Yep , Mr. Colin Bird has many friends who would like a slice of this company I’m sure .