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Discover an easy way to start investing. Six low-cost funds chosen by experts.

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Important information - the value of your investments may go down as well as up. You may not get back all the money that you invest. Investing in emerging markets involves different risks from developed markets. In many cases the risks are greater. The value of international investments is affected by currency fluctuations which might reduce their value in sterling. The selection of these funds does not constitute a personal recommendation. We have not assessed your personal circumstances or preferences.

What are Quick-start Funds?

Our six Quick-start Funds offer a simple starting point for investing. These low-cost funds have been specially selected by experts, and many experienced investors rely on them too. 

All our Quick-start Funds are invested across a wide range of industries. They are like ready-made portfolios that give you one-stop access to the world's markets. Each one has a different level of risk, so you can decide which one is right for you.

You will need to decide between passive investing and active/sustainable investing and then select the fund that suits your attitude to risk and your goals. But please remember that these risk levels are just a guide, and there is risk involved with any kind of investing.

Quick Start Funds - Moira O'Neill October 2020

Vanguard LifeStrategy® Funds

Three Vanguard LifeStrategy® Funds were chosen for their balanced approach and low cost.

  • Choose from three funds with lower, moderate and higher risk. You can decide which one best suits your attitude to risk.
  • Passively managed. They follow the performance of the market and don’t have a fund manager. This helps make their charges lower.
  • All sectors. Investments in a wide range of industries across the world’s markets.

Quick Start Funds - Moira O'Neill October 2020

Vanguard LifeStrategy® 20% Equity Fund

If you are looking for less risk, rather than higher returns, this fund is a great place to start.

Vanguard LifeStrategy® 60% Equity Fund

If you are comfortable with a little more risk, this fund is a good middle ground investment. 

Vanguard LifeStrategy® 80% Equity Fund

For potentially higher returns, in exchange for more risk, this fund could suit your portfolio.

More information

  • Each fund is created with 6,000 to 20,000 shares and bonds.
  • Investments in the world's markets, helping to reduce your risk.
  • Vanguard will rebalance your fund to keep the original proportion of shares and bonds.
  • Investments in the full range of sectors including technology, media and energy.

Charges for LifeStrategy® funds

Ongoing charges of just 0.22%. For every £1,000 you invest, just £2.20 goes on management costs.

Including other fees, such as transaction charges, the total product cost is:

  • LifeStrategy® 20% equity fund: 0.28%
  • LifeStrategy® 60% equity fund: 0.27%
  • LifeStrategy® 80% equity fund: 0.27%

You can review costs in more detail in each fund’s cost disclosure document. Simply select ‘See factsheet’ then select ‘View ‘Cost Disclosure Document’ in the Documents section.

How Vanguard runs the funds

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A good starting point for all investors

Why Vanguard LifeStrategy is a good starting point for all investors

BMO sustainable funds

  • Choose from three funds – Cautious, Balanced or Growth. You can choose the approach to risk that suits you.
  • Actively managed. They have a fund manager that selects investments. They target inflation-beating returns, but this isn’t guaranteed.
  • Sustainable. Responsible investments in companies that make a positive difference to the world.

BMO Sustainable Universal MAP Cautious

For investors who want to take a more cautious approach to risk.

BMO Sustainable Universal MAP Balanced

For investors who want to take a balanced approach to risk and returns.

BMO Sustainable Universal MAP Growth

For investors who want to take a more adventurous approach to risk.

More information

  • Charges of just 0.35%. This is exceptionally low for a managed fund.
  • Investments in the world's markets, helping to reduce your risk.
  • BMO offers expertise in responsible investment in companies making a positive difference to the world.
  • Targets inflation-beating returns over five years, but this isn’t guaranteed.

Charges for BMO sustainable funds

Just 0.35% for each of the three funds. For every £1,000 you invest, just £3.50 goes on management costs. 

You can review costs in more detail in each fund’s cost disclosure document. Simply select ‘See factsheet’ then select ‘View ‘Cost Disclosure Document’ in the Documents section.

Please note that ii does not endorse any particular product and cannot make a personal recommendation for you.

Spotlight on BMO Podcast

Kyle Caldwell, Collectives Editor at interactive investor, chatted to Simon Holmes, lead fund manager of the BMO Sustainable Universal MAP range, about how the three funds engage with companies to drive positive change.

Why did we choose these funds?

Our Quick-start Funds are simple and transparent with strong access to world markets. They offer good value for money and are very competitively priced. Investors can choose between funds that track the market or are looked after by fund managers. There is also a tailored choice of funds for sustainable investing.  

Moira O’Neill, Head of Personal Finance at interactive investor

Quick-start Funds FAQs

Tools and insight

We answer your questions about the Quick-start Funds and how to start investing. Click here to find out more.

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Our six Quick-Start Funds have been selected by investment experts as a simple starting point for investing. They are split into three broad risk categories: lower, moderate, and higher risk.

However, you should note that the selection of our Quick-Start Funds is not investment advice or a ‘personal recommendation’. This means neither we, nor Morningstar, have assessed your investment knowledge, your financial situation (including your ability to bear losses), your investment objectives, your risk tolerance, or your sustainability preferences. 

You should ensure that any investment decisions you make are suitable for your personal circumstances, and if you are unsure about the suitability of a particular investment or think you need a personal recommendation, you should speak to a suitably qualified financial adviser. Neither ii nor Morningstar are responsible for any trading decisions, damages or other losses related to the Quick-Start Funds.

The past performance of an investment is not a reliable indicator of future results, and ii does not guarantee or predict the future performance of the Quick-Start Funds investment list as a whole or the constituent investments. 


ii adheres to a strict code of conduct. Members of ii staff may have holdings in one or more Quick-Start Funds, which could create a conflict of interest. Any member of staff involved in the development of research about any financial instrument in which they have an interest are required to disclose such interest to ii. We will at all times consider whether such interest impairs the objectivity of the recommendation. 

In addition, staff involved in the production of the Quick-Start Funds are subject to a personal account dealing restriction. This prevents them from placing a transaction in the specified instrument(s) for five working days before and after an investment is included or amended and made public within the Quick-Start Funds. This is to avoid personal interests conflicting with the interests of investors in the Quick-Start Funds.

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