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Please remember, investment value can go up or down and you could get back less than you invest. The value of international investments may be affected by currency fluctuations which might reduce their value in sterling.

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What is an investment trust?

An investment trust works in much the same way as a fund. It's a way to invest in a range of companies without picking individual shares.

Like funds, trusts invest in a 'basket' of underlying assets such as shares, bonds or property. But unlike funds, they are structured as companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Investors in a trust share in the capital gains (or losses) and in any income payments made. As a result, trusts have two values: the value of the investments held in the trust and its share price.

Why do people invest in trusts?

Investment trusts have various bells and whistles that investors can use to their advantage. These include ‘rainy day’ reserves, which have enabled the vast majority of trusts to weather the Covid-19 dividend drought. by either maintaining or increasing dividend payments to shareholders.

Investors can also pick up a potential bargain when a trust is trading on a discount. Performance can be supercharged in rising markets by 'gearing'.

Investment trust performance can involve rather more ups and downs than funds, because of gearing and the effect of movements in the discount. But if you're invested for the long term, it is not worth worrying too much about short-term swings.

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Latest investment trust news and insights

Ian Cowie: why now isn’t the time to sell investment trusts

by Ian Cowie | 7th March 2024

Our columnist says wide discounts shouldn’t be feared, but seen as an opportunity for long-term investors to follow Warren Buffett’s idea of being ‘greedy when others are fearful’.

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Best investment trusts for income

Investors looking for an investment trust that generates income should firstly consider UK equity income and global equity income trusts. These both invest in dividend paying companies, to produce an income for shareholders.

Other income options for investors to consider include commercial property and infrastructure.

One of the main advantages of an investment trust compared with funds is its ability to hold dividend reserves. We explain this in more detail below in the investment trust FAQs.

As a result, many investment trusts have impressive track records in growing their dividends year in, year out.

Trusts with increasing dividends

The most recent list of investment trust “Dividend Heroes” published annually (March 2024) by the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) shows that ten trusts have now achieved increasing dividends for 50 years or more:

  • City of London Investment Trust (one of our Super 60 funds)
  • Bankers Investment Trust (one of our Super 60 funds)
  • Alliance Trust
  • Caledonia Investments
  • BMO Global Smaller Companies
  • F&C Investment Trust (one of our Super 60 funds)
  • Brunner
  • JPMorgan Claverhouse
  • Scottish American
  • Murray Income

As of March 2024, there were 20 investment trusts that have raised dividends for more than 20 years in a row. 

The table below shows the 10 investment trusts that have increased dividends for 50 years or more. Most invest in global businesses that pay dividends. The remaining three investment trusts invest in dividend-paying shares listed on the UK market. Please note: figures correct at March 2024.

CompanySectorNumber of consecutive
years dividend increased
City of LondonUK equity income57
Alliance TrustGlobal57
Caledonia InvestmentsGlobal56
The Global Smaller Companies Trust OrdGlobal53
F&C ITGlobal53
JPMorgan ClaverhouseUK equity income51
Murray IncomeUK equity income50
Scottish AmericanGlobal equity income50

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