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- Richard Wilson, chief executive of interactive investor, shares a message with customers.

Who we are

We are interactive investor. An award-winning investment service that is here to help you take control of your financial future.

For a simple, flat monthly fee we provide a secure home for your pensions, ISAs and investments. This comes with an industry-leading selection of investments and a team generating up-to-date expert insight.

interactive investor has been helping investors for 25 years. Over the years, we have seen market highs and lows, and been resilient throughout. This is how we have become the UK’s number one flat-fee investment platform, with over £45 billion of assets under administration and over 350,000 customers.

We stand up for you

We are here to fight for what we believe is right for our customers, for ourselves and for our company.

  • Investing should be simple and open to all. We want to help you control your financial future, and if we succeed in helping you, ii will thrive.
  • We are straightforward, honest and open. With our customers and each other.
  • We believe in transparent, fair fees, and we lead the campaign against the opaque and complex charges levied by others in the financial industry.
  • We use simple language. We set and keep promises. And we give all that we can for our customers, and for each other.

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Investors choose ii

We offer an alternative. We’ve done away with the opaque charging structures common in the financial services industry. What you pay is simple: £9.99 per month to invest. No percentage charges that quietly increase your fees as your investments grow.

Included in the ii flat monthly fee is:

  • one free trade. If you’d like to make additional trades, they are transparently priced up to £9.99 for UK equities.
  • free regular investing, with no trading fees – so you can easily drip spare cash into your chosen investments every month.
  • the option to add a pension (SIPP) for just £10 per month, which could save you £30,000 over 30 years according to recent research.
  • an industry-leading selection of US and international investments, and the ability to invest and hold cash in any currency
  • our extensive range of expert insight, written by our dedicated team of some of the UK’s best investment journalists and analysts
  • a selection of investments carefully curated for their performance (the Super 60) and their ethical credentials (the ACE 40)
  • our 4.5* mobile app
  • access to our high-interest cash platform

We're welcoming customers of Share PLC

In February 2020, we announced that ii would be acquiring Share Plc. We look forward to welcoming Share customers and helping them to take best advantage of our pricing and service.

In June 2019, we also acquired Alliance Trust Savings.

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We are based in Manchester and, with offices in Leeds, London and Dundee, we employ more than 500 people.

Feel free to call us or send an email. We are always ready to help.

Take control of your financial future with our low-cost, award-winning service.

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