SIPP fees and charges

Retire with up to £94,000 more thanks to our low, flat fees.

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Please remember, SIPPs are aimed at people happy to make their own investment decisions. Investment value can go up or down and you could get back less than you invest. You can normally only access the money from age 55 (57 from 2028). We recommend seeking advice from a suitably qualified financial advisor before making any decisions. Pension and tax rules depend on your circumstances and may change in future.

SIPP fees at a glance

With our SIPP you’ll pay a low, flat fee. Most providers charge percentage fees that grow with your pension value.

  • Your £9.99 service plan fee gives you access to the widest range of investments on the market.
  • The SIPP fee is just £10 a month extra*, bringing the total cost to £19.99 per month.
  • SIPP customers can add a Stocks and Shares ISA, Junior ISA and Trading Account at no extra cost.
  • We give you a free trade every month, and there are no trading fees with our regular investing service.
  • There are no extra charges for taking money out of your pension – including drawdown, UFPLS or taking money to buy an annuity.
  • There are some activity-based charges for things like Stamp Duty and foreign currency exchange. View our charges page for a full list.

* Special offer: Open a SIPP by 31 May and pay no SIPP fee until December 2021 - saving you £60. Terms apply

*Analysis shows you could be better off by £94k over 30 years of investing in an ii SIPP due to our low flat fees. This is just for illustration if all other factors were the same. The advantage of lower flat fees over time means that you could be significantly better off in the long run. By how much will always depend on your personal circumstances. More about our analysis

Our SIPP administration fee is £10 per month, including VAT (Special offer: Open a SIPP by 31 May and pay no SIPP fee until December 2021). You will also pay a service plan fee of £9.99 per month. There is no charge for opening a SIPP, and we do not charge any exit fees.

You will receive a free trade credit of £7.99 each month, after which UK trade commissions are £7.99. We also offer free regular investing and dividend reinvestment for 99p.

Government charges such as stamp duty may apply to certain transactions. Potential charges are as follows:

UK Stamp Duty 0.5% UK equity buys
Irish Stamp Duty 1.00% Irish equity buys
UK PTM levy £1 Flat-rate charge on UK equity buys and sells where the trade value is more than £10,000.
ITP levy €1.25 Flat-rate charge on Irish equity buys and sells where the trade value is more than €12,500.
Hong Kong transaction levy 0.0027% Equity and company warrant buys and sells.
Hong Kong trading fee 0.05% Equity and company warrant buys and sells.
Hong Kong Stamp Duty 0.1% (Rounded up to the nearest HKD) Equity and company warrant buys and sells.
Singapore clearing fee 0.0325% All buys and sells
French Financial Transaction tax 0.3% For buys of eligible French stocks.
Italian Financial Transaction tax 0.1% For buys of eligible Italian stocks.
Spanish Financial Transaction tax 0.2% For buys of eligible Spanish stocks.


Service plans to suit you

When you join, you will start on our Investor service plan (£9.99 a month). If you expect to make several trades per month, we offer two additional service plans to reduce your costs.

You can upgrade your service plan quickly and easily from your online account.

£9.99 per month
(+ £10 SIPP fee)

You will start on this plan. It’s easy to upgrade later.

  • One free trade each month
  • Additional fund trades and UK share trades: £7.99

-Funds Fan
£13.99 per month
(+ £10 SIPP fee)

For investors looking to build a portfolio of funds.

  • Two free trades each month
  • Additional fund and investment trust trades: £3.99
  • Additional UK share trades: £7.99

-Super Investor
£19.99 per month
(+ £10 SIPP fee)

Our premium plan, designed for more frequent investors.

  • Two free trades each month
  • Additional UK trades (inc funds): £3.99
  • Additional US share trades: £4.99

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SIPP charges FAQs

The easiest way to pay is by monthly direct debit. You can set this up in your online account.

Alternatively the charges can be taken from any cash balance on your account.

On 1 October 2020 we removed the an additional £10 monthly fee when a SIPP moves into drawdown. There are no additional drawdown charges.

It’s completely free to transfer to us. Your current provider may charge exit fees, so please check first.

This includes ‘in specie’ transfers, in which you keep the same investments as your old pension.

If you can’t find the information on this page, contact us with your questions and we’ll be happy to help.

Open a SIPP by 31 May and pay no SIPP fee until December 2021.

This means your service plan fee of £9.99 covers you for all of your investment accounts. Following the offer period, the ii SIPP fee is only £10 a month more, and could save thousands compared to other pension providers who charge a percentage fee.  Terms apply

open a SIPP   transfer your pension

Promotional SIPP offer terms and conditions

  1. No SIPP fee shall be payable on all new ii SIPP accounts opened on or after 1 October 2020 for six calendar months (the "Fee Free Period"). After the Fee Free Period has ended, the SIPP fee you will be required to pay will be as set out in our then current Rates and Charges.
  2. The Fee Free Period is open to new and existing customers who open a new ii SIPP account on or after the qualifying date.
  3. These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the ii SIPP Terms. In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions and the ii SIPP Terms, these terms shall prevail.
  4. All other fees associated with managing your ii SIPP account shall continue to apply.
  5. We reserve the right to alter, withdraw or amend the Fee Free Period and/or these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  6. All participants opening an ii SIPP account on or after 1 October 2020 agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  7. Interactive Investor Services Limited (“IISL”) is the promoter of this Fee Free Period offer. The registered office for IISL is Exchange Court, Duncombe Street, Leeds LS1 4AX.