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SIPP charges

SIPP charges

Learn exactly how much you will be paying for the ii SIPP. If you are not satisfied, it is free to leave.

Our SIPP administration fee is only £10 per month while you are building your pension pot. Once you start to take retirement benefits, there is an additional £10 monthly pension drawdown fee. 

We believe that charging a fixed fee is fairer than percentage-based fees. You will always know what you are paying, and your charges will stay the same as your investment grows. This can lead to significant savings over a long-term investment. 

We offer a range of service plans to suit your style, so you can watch your portfolio grow while your costs stay the same. 

Service plans

We have three service plans available to choose from.

Each service plan has a fixed monthly fee with different trading commissions to suit your investment style.

Our core plan for investors looking to get the best choice and insight in the market.

1 FREE trade per month*
All UK trades £7.99

£9.99 a month


For investors looking to build a portfolio of funds, helped by our independent select lists and analysis tools.

2 FREE fund/investment trust trades per month*
Fund and Investment Trust trades £3.99
UK Share trades £7.99

£13.99 a month


Our premium plan designed for more frequent investors, with market-leading trade commissions.

2 FREE trades a month*
All UK trades £3.99
US trades £4.99

£19.99 a month


SIPP Management Charges

Our SIPP administration fee is £10 per month, including VAT. There is no charge for opening a SIPP, and we do not charge any exit fees. The full breakdown of SIPP management fees is as follows:  

SIPP administration fee £10 per month including VAT Payable monthly in addition to your service plan.
Transfer out to another UK-based provider No charge  
Transfer out to an overseas scheme £500 + VAT  
Pension sharing on divorce £300 + VAT Payable for the calculation and processing of pension sharing on divorce.
Payment of death benefits Typically £200 - £500 + VAT The charge for the calculation and processing of death benefits will be based on the time spent so will depend on the complexity of your case.
Closing your SIPP in the first year £300 + VAT Except when closed due to death, ill health or serious ill health benefits.
Closing your SIPP after one year No charge  

Our trading commissions start from just £3.99, if you choose our Super Investor service plan. We also offer regular investing and dividend reinvestment for 99p, and each month you will receive free credit of £7.99 to use against any trades.

Charges when accessing your SIPP

Once you start to take retirement benefits, there is an additional £10 monthly drawdown fee. The charge includes regular payments, and is payable even if you elect to take "nil" income in any year.

Government charges that can apply to your SIPP

Government charges such as stamp duty may apply to certain transactions. Potential charges are as follows:

UK Stamp Duty 0.5% UK equity buys
Irish Stamp Duty 1.00% Irish equity buys
UK PTM levy £1 Flat-rate charge on UK equity buys and sells where the trade value is more than £10,000.
ITP levy €1.25 Flat-rate charge on Irish equity buys and sells where the trade value is more than €12,500.
Hong Kong transaction levy 0.0027% Equity and company warrant buys and sells.
Hong Kong trading fee 0.05% Equity and company warrant buys and sells.
Hong Kong Stamp Duty 0.1% (Rounded up to the nearest HKD) Equity and company warrant buys and sells.
Singapore clearing fee 0.0325% All buys and sells
French Financial Transaction tax 0.3% For buys of eligible French stocks.
Italian Financial Transaction tax 0.1% For buys of eligible Italian stocks.



Take control of your retirement planning with our low-cost, award-winning SIPP

open a SIPP   transfer your pension

An award-winning SIPP

Transfer to us and benefit from an award-winning service at the low price of just £10 per month, with trading commissions from £3.99 depending on your service plan. We are proud to have been named Best SIPP Provider at the 2019 ADVFN Awards. 

The ii SIPP is aimed at clients who have sufficient knowledge and experience of investing to make their own investment decisions and want to actively manage their investments. A SIPP is not suitable for every investor. Other types of pensions may be more appropriate. The value of investments made within a SIPP can fall as well as rise and you may end up with a fund at retirement that’s worth less than you invested. You can normally only access the money from age 55 (age 57 from 2028). Prior to making any decision about the suitability of a SIPP, or transferring any existing pension plan(s) into a SIPP we recommend that you seek the advice of a suitably qualified financial adviser. Please note the tax treatment of these products depends on the individual circumstances of each customer and may be subject to change in future.