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Make your investments easier to manage by transferring them to interactive investor

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Why transfer to us?
Simple, fair & clear charging
Easy access with just one login to remember
Investments all in one place

Moving your account to ii is a simple choice

Make your portfolio easier to manage by having all your investments under one roof. You'll be choosing clear, low-cost fees and all the tools you need to get you started. Our pricing is fixed so you'll always know what you're paying.

Dedicated support team

Our team is on-hand to ensure that your transfer is as fast and efficient as possible. We will not charge you for electronic transfers in, although you should check whether your existing provider levies any transfer charges before transferring.

We help hundreds of customers every week with their transfers and we have improved our processes over the years to make it easier for you.”

Ravi Grewal, Head of Transfers, interactive investor

More reasons to move to interactive investor

Simple and fair pricing...

We charge a fixed fee of £22.50 each quarter and then give it back to you as non-refundable trading credits

To buy and sell online is usually £10 a trade, which we reduce to £6 for your first 3 months and if you trade frequently

Just £1 for each investment made using our dividend reinvestment and regular investing services


Transfer to us from your existing provider, and you could be rewarded with £100 to £2,000 cashback.

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Get investment ideas & inspiration

  • Consider our ii Super 60 investments, which you can research further or buy
  • Receive our award-winning newsletters from our news team
  • Join the debate with our discussion boards and see what other people are talking about
  • Get tips and ideas from our investment experts

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Important information: Once your transfer has been initiated you will be "out of the market" and unable to sell existing investments or invest any cash balance until received into your new account. This may work either to your advantage or disadvantage. The value of investments, and any income from them, can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest. If you are unsure about the suitability of a particular investment or whether transferring your assets is the right course of action you should speak to suitably qualified financial adviser.

New customers

Open an account and complete our transfer-in forms - and we'll do the rest. As soon as you decide to move your investments, we'll work with your current provider and our investment partners to carry out the transfer as quickly as possible.


Existing customers

Why not consolidate any investments you hold with other providers and transfer them to us today. Transferring to us means you can take advantage of our straightforward pricing for all your investments. You can also track and monitor them all in one place.

Where to look?  Login > cash & transfers > transfer in


We have over 20 years' experience of helping people invest online and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All customer investments are held electronically. If you have cash in your account this is entirely separate from the company's finances and interactive investor has no access to those assets. Your cash and holdings are protected up to the limits provided by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Find out more

With secure customer log in and encrypted data throughout, we offer a service you can rely on. Find out more

No exit fees 

We believe that with our flat fee pricing, you will want to stay with us. So we're happy to cover the costs of transferring stock to another provider if your needs should change and you choose to leave us. 

It takes just five minutes to get started