An example



Today Novartis announced a collaboration with the rising Belgian-Dutch biotech player Galapagos. They will work together on the development of a new Eczema drug. What is included in this deal:

-Novartis will fund the entire R&D program
-Galapagos will receive a first licence payment of about €95 million
-Milestonepayments are concluded, if everything goes as planned, for a total of
€850 million
-Royalty payment (no % given) once the product is launched.

I do not know how much bigger the Eczema market is in perspective to the ED market. But this deal really shows the interest and commitment of a big player in a potential new product.

Compared with FUM, FUM is already in a further stage of marketability (phase 3 trials ahead) imho. So, if there is a real interest by a big player, these 4 financial stages are currently being discussed… PUNCHY!!!

Only one question remains…why is Novartis so eager to conclude this deal at this early stage and is the FUM deal still not yet signed?


I’m guessing and it’s a wild guess, but I hope the reason why it’s taking so long is that it’s to do with Regional licensing deals and due to each company working at a different pace…


I was wondering whether Brexit might delay things.