Anyone out there?



I think I need to go back to scool to get my head round this new system



Well, I’m not impressed with this new lay out but might get used to it.

And I wanted to share an “interesting” email reply from Mr B regarding my latest prod and poke enquiry about what’s happening with CSD. But I’m not sure if anyone out there will be able to view it …………. it took me ages to master how to get here, and I still don’t think I took the correct path!


What’s the reply Tony?

I’m still getting used to the new layout!

In my opinion the deal will drag on past the June timeline suggested in the past.


Good to see you’ve got here as well, Aberdeen. Actually the new site isn’t as bad as I first thought, but I don’t use it as a dealing site or a virtual portfolio (just use it to read the BBs) which is fairly easy ……………. you just stick FUM in the search box on the home page and then the “Discuss” tab.

Will keep you in suspense re the CSD reply and post later.


I hate this new layout, I think they’ve tried to over complicate it and sometimes it’s just better keeping things simple.


Well come on then, out with it


I’m here! New sites always take some time to get used to!


I bet you say that to all the boys!!


Well I have had a few I.T. upgrades over the years to services I was using. One closed down from this Country due to it, when it was brilliant prior.
Another not so long ago got itself into difficulties and customers left in droves, which once again was brill until upgrade?
This? …Absolutely the Pits! Abysmal!
This will finish iii is my guess? Totally rubbish!


Far far too much hard work! Rubbish


This is like an early Brexit. Suddenly we can only do half the things on this site we used to! Whoever designed this needs his P45. What a shambles


Still no news. Surely we’re going to get an rns either tomorrow morning or wednesday, I don’t see how they can leave us in the dark for so long. It’s got to be in their best interest or they’re going to get bombarded at the AGM. Maybe it’s just going to be the usual, discussions are going well and we hope to get a deal signed by the end of the next quarter. I’m not sure they can use that card for much longer. At least I can get world in motion on and get my hopes up for the World Cup, let’s hope England and futura aren’t going to disappoint.


Mark, based on past performance…it doesn’t look so good. But every 4 years we forget the pain we have been put through and look forward, even expect, a miracle. Are we talking about football or FUM? Both I suppose.


I will have committed suicide by then. What a shambles


Bloody awful new site! Can’t believe they didn’t run it by a small focus group of existing users before ‘shooting themselves’ with this release!

Anyway, back to the business of FUM…

Have contacted Buchanan regarding tomorrow’s AGM. From chatting with the guy organising it, it seems they’re not expecting much of a turnout. Really think we could do with one or more of this BB’s bellwethers turning up.

PS If anyone’s thinking of going you need to take proof of being a shareholder with you.

Fingers crossed tomorrow’s a better day for everyone (than the day they first started using this new shiite site