bought a few



this morning at 93.5 area. If it’s good enough for the directors, it’s maybe worth a punt.


I’ve bought a few more this morning at 85.5ish. I’m tempted to buy quite a few more if this starts to move.



I was in 95 last week or so, added a few more yesterday at 84.95, not always good to increase holding to a laggard but really can they continue to peddle the same old same old. Something has to change, hopefully for the better.
good luck


I’ve added some more at around 85.75


I added more yesterday at 80ish. Not the greatest trade so far. It leaves me planning to drop half around 85/86 which would be b/e. I prefer profits, but this one hasn’t worked particularly well so far and I’m happy to accept I’ve been wrong so far. I don’t want to get wronger


I don’t know who is buying this this morning, but it looks good for 89.5. That’s a strong bounce from the 78p area. It’s challenging a first resistance here at 86 in my view. A break of that brings 89/90 into play, then 94-96 area and who knows, maybe even gap closure up to 110 area. That would make the stress worthwhile!!


Starting to look as if this week might see us rise quite nicely. Fingers crossed.


Dropped 3/4 of my shares at just under 5% profit. Price broke down through the short term tl support from June 28th which I am/was assuming to be the bottom for now. I’m now hoping it will drop back to around 80.5 (the low on June 14th) or around 81. Not a lot between the 2 but I’ll be looking to buy back if price reaches those levels.


Bought a lot more around 88 over the last couple of days. Price has broken a descending tl on the daily chart from May 21st, but has also activated a 123 bottoming pattern. These often pay. There is a large gap above the current price that is clear on the daily chart which would close at 110 area. That is a potential target for price, although there are others e.g. 94 and then 96.5-97.5.


Looks like it’s going to move to the upside now. A close above 92.5 brings 97.5 into play.


I’ve closed out for now for 5.5% profit. FGP has good potential for further rises, but comes with significant mid to long term risk. I’m now watching WMH, I was in and out of that for 5p over the last couple of days. I’m looking for a larger position should the chart give me an entry. I’m also currently trading Barc,LLOY, ENQ and Gold.