Buy 198.85 (shares)



Whilst not directly related to BARC, interesting developments in the past 24 hours regarding the said Woodford Investment Fund. Another reminder that this business has no 100% guarantees or is ever entirely risk-free. Even for those once considered to be one of the very best. - GLA.


Closed at 153.05 for reasons similar to those posted 12 days ago. Hard Brexit seems more likely. This was my last leveraged long in any UK bank. Only cert is, never again.

BARC position reduced to 2 tranches of real shares at 157.30 & 198.85. - GLA.


Closed at 168.70. Target as stated in original entry comment reached.

Glad to reduce my exposure here as any Brexit Deal will also have to get through a still highly divided & bickering Parliament. That’s far from certain. - GLA.


Well Done

I now hold around 13,000 Barclays

Personally looking for above 200p if I am honest Jack


Sold the last of my BARC shares at 185.14. Small overall hit taken on this tranche at 198.85, despite all the dividends booked since June 2018.

Though it’s been a very profitable run in the main, I’m glad to be out of BARC altogether for now. - GLA.