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You’ve done pretty well. Remain in the learning mode.

FWIW I’ve just bought some SPY 2800 Calls for exp next week


GBPEUR long @ 11533.6 & closed at 11548.7 +15.1pts


GBPEUR order placed sell @ 11560


gold long 1295.03



GBPEUR short @ 11583.6


GBPEUR short @ 11592.2


Oh nice. You’re getting consistent. Well done.


Ha, consistently wrong today.


May flying to Strasbourg, I’m not convinced she’ll bring home anything new. Will short again if it steps further up.


Strong advice. Stop looking at news, focus on areas of acceptance and rejection. You know 1.148-1.152 resistance has become support. Personally, I would only be working the long side until that level is broken.


GBPEUR short @ 11700.1


Finding a support for next Long position


1297.03 limit closed



Closed 11609.1 +91pts


Closed 11582.2 +10pts


Closed 11583.6 +/-0pts


Closed 11560.2 +/-0pts
(Was opened @ .2)

Shame is was busy this morning, Could have made more profit and after seeing heavy losses and a late nights work, I panicked and set limits to escape my positions.
Still I’m happy at the situation now.


Closed @ 1305.2 +5pts

Just holding the one short at gold 1287.05 now.


gold short 1307.78



Blimey Gold over 1300

Maybe in Summer I go down the local Jewellery shop at the market to flog my old Del Boy chains from 90s I still have upstairs

PS I thought its was cool in them days to have gold chains etc … hahahahaha

Essex Boys Hey