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Excellent. What is a LISA? You can hold foreign holdings in them?


Lifetime ISA. This particular LISA allows stocks n shares to be bought or traded.

The LISA in general is a government scheme aimed at allowing youngsters over 18yrs old to save for a first house.
The government put 25% of whatever you save. Government max annual contribution is £1,000.

So in my daughters case she puts £4,000 pa & gets £1,000 bonus free.

She buys stocks n shares and takes the dividends, gains & losses.
Hopefully over time she’ll see a good return.


Oh and yes she has foreign holdings.


That’s really great. A couple of other suggestions: L’Oreal and RIT. I really believe that investments will be so much more important for her generation than property. Opportunity is colossal, but, our generation has been poor at conveying that to the younger generation because our parents failed to educate us.


gold long 1285.9


gold long 1283.9


1281.5 gold long



1282.53 closed



1280.97 gold long



1280.37 gold long


Closed lower 2 TSLA’s at small profits, should have closed the 24881 but I got greedy, dropped near on 900 points in 40 mins now.

I’m not over concerned, tsla is a yoyo.


Added some more TSLA at 242.83. Stop will be recent YTD low. Rather hope sellers are trapped.

I really, for once, would like to build up a buy to hold position in this.


Good bet MacB, sentiment is low right now, too many bears makes it buying time?
I’m happy to pay the fees for now, 26k will reappear before fees outweigh the hold.

Edit was typo correction.


I think when it breaks a low you hit a lot of stop losses, which begets more selling. Then it rises above that level again, sellers get trapped.

Ultimately I think people still think Telsa is Musk and fail to see, the patents, the applications for other industries, spin offs, the fact that they have produced an amazing car (model 3) which stuffs a BMW 4 series for 35k.


Sold my TSLA profit 6% off the table ($255). The capital will remain with stop at $243. Free ride.

Noticed £/€ rate is at 1.176. How many times have I mentioned that 1.148/1.152 area has been golden for a couple of years? 90% success rate. Only failed once. Up well over 100% in that period, on futures (without including Forex).


What do you see happening from 11760? Lab/Con agreement could boost it as we stay close to EU?


I’ve always had the 1.19- 20 area as big resistance. My orders have been stacked there for some time. Whatever happens, once you have clarity I expect the decline in Sterling to resume. I’ve long held the belief that some number of years down the line, many people will regret not selling Sterling at the 1.19 level.

If Sterling gets back to 1.355 EUR level. I will just shut up and live a quiet uneventful existence.


I’ve been considering this more and whilst it would boost the current GDBEUR if Tory labour managed an agreement, I just can’t see it happening.

The play is to short it for now. If we see positive news, that’s probably the time to get on board because talks will be fruitless in the end.


Could I just ask you guys being as your better informed and with more practical trading experience.

I currently hold several gold longs and seen as I’m still really early in my trading days I’ve been considering the following.
I have set limits on my gold trades that will return a healthy profit if gold spikes, in time I’m sure it will.

But, if a “major” event comes out of the blue, yes I’ll hit my limits and make healthy profit, but I would also leave vast profits on the table.

How do you guys set your trading plans knowing the fact that eventually a major event will happen?


You must first define your R/R. For me trading ES, I have a hard Stop loss at -4 points (more realistically -3.5). I scale 75% of my position at 2 points, then some at 4 points and swing a small portion. 68.2% of trades hit 2 points. Once I hit 75% achieving 2 points, leverage rises to 10:1.

I think once you are up a certain amount, you should never let a trade go negative on you. It’s just discipline. In my game, you can see sellers getting trapped using my Bookmap software.

Exogenous news events are part of doing business. Take your profit and reload if you feel the news reaction is overdone.

Quite often if news is released outside regular market hours (thin dome), the move is exaggerated.