Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX



Closed one at 1650


Gold short 1431.53


1431.98 gold short



Lloyd’s long 52.36


1429.56 closed


Second closed 1642.5


Closed 10991, thought I was to be holding that for much longer.




8 days later… closed the 1642 at 1632.8.

Just the sub 1400’s open now. More profits than currently held losses, chilled!


10p seems an easy target doesn’t it soi. Entering at the right price helps:)


Us500 long 2959.06


Closed 2989, wages paid!


Us500 long 2975.07


Silver long hedge 1624

Closed it at 1617 when I guessed I was wrong.


Tempted to top isa up guys, 6.3% dividend at 53.33sp right now, any thoughts on viability? My guess is brexit soon be behind us and sp hits 60+


Based on 1.12 interim and 2.24 final expectations


gold long @ 1406.76


Lloy long @ 53.33 (in ISA)

X-O platform was and is still unable to log me in. Had to call up. The delay meant I missed sub 553p.Bummer!

Edit: was meant to say I missed 53p


I’ve 2 leveraged longs open on Lloyds, what happens to my sb when they go ex dividend and I was to be holding?


Hi swamp

On ex divi date you will be credited with the divi.
At around 8.00AM on IG.