Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX



1465.13 gold short


1469.44 gold short



silver short @ 1681.2



1688.0 short add.




I am taking a beating! No new trades this week (barring Lloyd’s longs) but last weeks trades are hitting me hard!


Tsla long 22694


Gold short 1498.9 good grief


Closed 23196, blooming tough week


Us500 short 2885.15


Closed 1497.89


Lloyd’s long 48.98


Closed 2899.17 a loss but china vows to stabilise currency, I see sp500 regaining more and gold dropping


GDPEUR long 10820.8 x 2 tranches


The good times are gone, closed 10778!


Closed 10778

Horrid and when do I let the dreaded silvers go, missed 1610. Heavy losses on those averaging 1585. Such is life.


Closed 2920.7


Closed the final two silvers at 1705.

Lots of losses, far too busy at work to keep up and so I set new limits.
I’m not pleased with these last trades but I needed to take risk off the table.

Now I’m only holding lots of Lloyd’s long at 50.9 average. These I am more comfortable holding despite the risks short term.

Need to wind my strategy back after recent events, I’m still heavily in profit after 12 week streak of 4 figure gains.

It could prove I panicked too early, I was shocked to see today’s closed position but like I say, I’ve been too busy at work.


Miscalculation, Lloyd’s longs average 51.19


Well I took a loss, but today shows it was not necessarily the wrong move.
The wrong move happened not taking the sliver loss earlier. Cant win em all and still in profit.

Currently I’m afraid of the potential crisis ahead. That could hit my heavy Lloyd’s longs hard.


If you dont get your target price
Then dont do that trade
Or you’ll he runnint after it

I am waiting for under 12 VIX
It came as close as mid 12s
I didnt get under 12

But fuck it
I will find something else