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How nice that long could have been. Back in July it seemed a dreadful position to hold


Near Target
Fun !


There’s a big spread between the actual vix price and the bid offer prices available on ig. Once you go long it always feels they have too much leeway. However I am also closing in on a long but this time I will not enter early as the daily interest can be high.


VIX margin is huge, always been

but Have a look at what VIX tells us
11.5 and VIX jumps back up with Indices Up
thats suggests auto-buys at 11.5
11.5 is pretty much the bottom

Following VIX allows to gauge major indices and commodities too, for a PI

No need to trade yet
Learning is also worth money


Remember US was closed yesterday so the VIX will be skewed.


True Eadwig


VIX near 30% jump

you just have to sit back and be patient


Yet IG spread is showing a 7% jump. Just shows you need huge moves to make on the vix DFB’s.

It are you hinting at the coming reaction to other markets?


to be fair 7% in 2 days is very good :wink:

all markets are very edgy, nuisance and news driven at this moment.

VIX long from 11.5 stood well
VIX went up and inversely related asset classes went down.

so while VIX itself has high premium to play
but VIX as a gauge can be used to play others


Wise words of course BA, I had used them to my advantage friday again early monday when shorting us500. 500 was near its peak and despite momentum, news of trump’s signing HK document and the retaliatory promises and low vix all concluded a good bet


where’s VIX now ?
approaching 18