Conversion is a@67p at the moment



SGL @ 1157 * 0.96 using 16.57 FX = circa 67p

Makes the current price quite discounted around 9p discount …

Weird as its the widest its been for some time

I think this now becomes a play on SGL so if that rises gold is rising and given that stock is very oversold I wonder if we might see a big uplift if that roars back to previous levels


Thought of topping in ISA… But not sure it will be able to stay there after takeover ?


Just noticed my post 21st… i topped up @ 59p … around that price now .


@ 52.95… 11.5% drop today .


And again in ( T ) with this mornings sale proceeds… @ 49.88 ( went through live on limit set @ 50.3 ) not quite 1% lower.


Once again this shows itself to be a tricky - tricky - stock … ouch… fortunately my position here is not big and my loss remains relatively small… and as I have been here before - on a lot bigger position and loss - and ended up, somehow, doing great, I still have a soft spot for this doggie.

Given this and Ashley House putting me in a good mood today, I have now - reluctantly - decided to keep small topping up into any further weakness here… So I’ve just now done my first purchase in a while - at 49. something p - and would do another at 45p if it goes there… etc… hopefully it doesn’t go there…

Again, hard core players only should play here imho: this is a very volatile / dangerous stock !


Today’s letter from Advfn -Lonmin was knocked down to ?sell? at Liberum.

This stock is now too risky for me to buy back in. The price is just too low:-

and the rand rate is still getting stronger-

ie cost of mining in equivalent USD value is going up.

The Buzz


Picked up some more Friday
About 1/2 off 41.5p buy limit lifted ( D )


Do not think i logged this last buy ?


At new recent lows 39p today .


Some compensation for the families of the Lonmin miners that were killed:-

The Buzz


Bounced off lows of 37.5 p today and finished up .


My feeling to top up again 8 days ago , was a good idea ( it did not lift )
Its up to 42.36p ( 12% higher ) now, with a rise today of 7 %.
Ratuss on LSE is posting he has called this correctly ( hes been bearish since November ) Stating the risk of take over failing has not been priced in .


I took limit order to buy off ( @ 37p ) i am very overweight here and it keeps going lower and i already bought five different shares today.
Seems i couldn’t resit a cheeky buy limit @ 36p went through in after close auction.
Good to see only half my buy limit lifted on 27th May @ 41.5 :grin:
The Sibanye Gold ltd share price fell by over 9% this tracked it , that recovered about 2 % towards its close so this might follow it up in the morning.
FTSE fell 1.49% - 113.77 points .


Surprised to see my limit sell order lifted for the few i bought 6 days ago .
I see it dealt in the close auction period again and at 40.24 ( 0.24 ) above the sell limit.
On a trade history i saw there is a very large sell showing @ 40.25 p at same time so i am guessing this is in fact a big buy.
It shows the trade type code as PT but i can see no definition of that code ? .


Sliced that half limit buy of 27th may ( 41.5p ) for a limit set at 47p . ( approx 14 % )
( Last slice was approx 12% )
Still above my core holding .


Been going up lately bigger rise today 60p now .


Again it had fallen back to 40p mid Nov but on the way back up again mid Dec zac mir could see 70p yesterday .


Took a slice on a limit alert @ 55p went stait through ( D ) 55.35p …
Did not look at trade history but best i could see up to 9.27am.
Went to 60p by midday a further 8% … fell back to 58.6 @ close.
On lse a post reckons this is a 13% discount to sibanye.


Took another slice @ 62.5p had increased from 62p ( visiting Margret when it dealt @ 2.30 pm )
RNS … update Friday 8th.