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Washington has also placed sanctions on oil exports from Venezuela, a founding member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Some analysts, however, predicted production curbs agreed by OPEC and other producers such as Russia would continue to boost prices.

“The recent Brent pullback has taken prices too low in the face of tight fundamentals and growing supply risks, just as refiners come back from extended spring turnarounds,” Goldman Sachs said.









The U.S. is not able to substitute any of this in the short-to-mid-term. When the market hits the brick wall at the end of this year, this quality problem, in combination with increased instability in the Middle East, will not only create a nightmare scenario for consumers but could also push crude oil above the current $70-85 per barrel range. Proxy wars and sanctions could create the perfect storm for oil. A possible spike to $90 seems within reach.





" Head, Business Development of Eroton Oil Exploration and Production, Mr. Dele Akinwubare, said his company had a long time plan for touching the lives of those suffering as a result of crisis in different parts of Nigeria."





I wonder if this is why the price rose recently on no news. Seems a bit unlikely but perhaps she’s looked over the accounts and told a few friends…

OR … perhaps other people were planning to buy in somewhere in the mid 30s like me but were prepared to pay a little bit more. Was hoping for @35p myself.


maybe like you eadwig a nice buyer is in the wings!!..

looks like seplat are looking at alternative export pipeline!!..


Good post by O&W lse…