Dirt low MC of £15 M /Cash ~£10.5 M / 3 Products in Pipeline including a Potential BIG Blockbuster



Hi Guys

Im a new shareholder here but following this stock for years so i think this is the best time to get in this heavily underpriced stock ahead of TPR100 approval and Phase 3 results of MED2002 which if positive would push this stock to £3-4 . I think this stock at this ridiculous low price is the most attractive Biotech in UK and maybe in the whole europe . GLTA


Research Confirms MED2002’s US$1 Billion Potential


Send an email to the company today asking them to use the dermasys technology in the cannabis industrie to benefit from the big hype in that area . Im sure any deal in the cannabis area would send this stock skyrocketing . Oh and asking about a potential US listing via OTCQX the yankees like biotechs especially such heavily undervalued stocks like this one .GL


I wouldnt be surprised if Future gets bought by a larger pharma because it would be much cheaper than to pay high upfront payments and royalties .I think a good buyout price could be in the 35-45p range .


Yet here we are bb after so many years of being ‘undervalued’


NOBODY is selling an at least £2 pound per share company for 45p!!!


If my research is right, these Guys are now part of the
Lombard Odier team… after taking over this team from Henderson…
These guys know there investment gems very well!
You can doubt James Barder and the 15 years of development of med2002…but with 26% ownership by Lombard Odier, I feel rather confident as they highered their stake last month!!!

Below an old but interesting article…

AlphaGen Volantis
Best Performing UK Long/Short Equity Fund

The AlphaGen Volantis team has been together for a decade, mostly at Gartmore until it was acquired in 2011 by Henderson. Since the launch of the flagship Volantis market neutral fund in 2002 the fund has impressive annualised returns of 15% with low volatility and low equity market correlation. The team, led by Rob Giles and Adam McConkey, put this success down to the discipline of their process which centres around proprietary ‘deep dive’ due diligence and research. Of course the characteristics of the asset class are extremely attractive to those who know their way around the space.

McConkey says, “It is inherently inefficient. Institutional-quality market participation has declined over time and analytical coverage is low. This is exactly what you want as a hedge fund manager. The probability of being right, long and short, is stacked in your favour if you are looking where others don’t and bringing some good investment process to bear”.

Notable successes in 2012 included a long-standing holding in Sepura which doubled during the year and a relatively new position in Quintain Estates which produced a similar return.

Secondly, retaining strong disciplines at the fund level is important. For instance, in an inefficient asset class and volatile markets there is no need to make aggressive market calls or introduce unnecessary gearing. Throughout the fund’s life the fund has stuck to its definition of market neutrality, a beta adjust net long of less than 30% and a relatively low gross.

The team are also precious about sustaining the track record in respecting the constraints on fund size imposed by investing in UK smaller companies. This is most keenly felt in running a short book. As a consequence the fund is hard closed, as it has been for much of its life.

Instead, the team has preferred to innovate with new products when the time is opportune. The conviction ideas are reflected in the much shorter list portfolio that is UK Best Ideas, which was launched in 2006 as a sister to Volantis. It has been very successful, delivering a 130% return since inception.

In May 2013 the team will launch its first fund since 2006, the Volantis Catalyst Fund. This fund is being launched to take advantage of specific opportunities in the less liquid end of the UK small cap space where companies may benefit from having the Volantis Capital team on board as a major shareholder.

The outlook remains very bright according to McConkey, who says, “We will continue very much in the same vein: very stock-specific from the bottom up, while turning the dial down if we see choppier waters ahead. We have had a good start to 2013. And at the stock-specific level there are names we are very excited about. Nanoco, for example, is a global leader in the manufactureof quantum dots which, among other things, will be incorporated into the next generation of televisions, significantly enhancing the viewing experience and reducing energy consumption. It’s also unfashionable to say it, but there are pockets of the UK economy which are in much better health than the media would have us all believe. We have enjoyed some very healthy returns from the housing sector and the IPO of Crest Nicholson has been a particular success. Dare we say it, but government policy in this space looks very supportive. That said, we live in a world that has been turned upside down… The financial economy leads rather than reflects the real economy. What happens in financial markets is having a direct and often rapid impact on investor, consumer and corporate decision-making in the short term which is why returns are likely to come in bursts, and accrue disproportionately for patient investors in stock specifics”.


You spoke too soon pharmatom they’ve just reduced their holding today.

Still I believe this share is a bargain at the moment for anyone willing to wait. Give it another 12 months or so and hopefully we’ll reap the rewards.

Good luck to all those who still keep faith.


Their holdings? Disclosure on behalf of accounts managed on a discretionary basis by Lombard Odier Investment Managers group. Lombard holds approximately 26% accordingly to the 19th October RNS. I must say I do not really understand myself. Anyone a good explanation?


There’s another RNS today saying they’ve reduced it again if I’m not misunderstanding it.

Anyway I’ve been looking online at seeing whether I can apply for the trial (not that I am) and I can’t find anywhere anything about it. They’ve told us the patient has enrolled but not many more will if you can’t even find it online.

The closest thing to anything I’ve found is this and it goes through some company called Richmond pharmacology.


It is time for Tony and AI to help us clarify this, hat do you think Guys?


Bear in mind that the new shares are not in issue yet. Therefore this RNS is correct at the current time.

Once the new shares are issued and admitted, the percentage ownership of Lombard will jump.

However it will not be 25 percent as per the RNS that was issued some time back (because the original holding has been reduced)

What they have done is to sell their shares and get some funds which they will then use to contribute to the purchase the new issue of shares. So their new holding will probably be 20 percent or thereabouts


Cant believe this brutally underpriced biotech who owns a potential big blockbuster still trading at a ridiculous valuation of around £12 million . Potential UK approval of TPR100 is not far away and maybe we will get more Deals for their Products . I just bought more because its so attractive at this price .GLTA

Agreement signed with Thornton & Ross (part of STADA) for UK rights in 2017
UK regulatory submission filed in July 2018
Commercial discussions ongoing with other potential distributors


Nice rise today though?


Anyone had any problems with the share issue via Primary Bid? I am with Barclays and shares have still not been allocated to my account. Have chased up Primary Bid who blame Barclays,not had any problems when I’ve used them before!


Got mine, I’m with ii and had to chase them before they put them in my account. Not PB’s fault, suggest you talk to Barclays.
Good luck


I’ve got mine as well now even though I did have trouble getting them, PB kept telling me to notify Halifax about the transfer and then when I talked to them they said I don’t need to do anything just give them my account number.

I then told PB this and then they said the transfer was going to happen soon but never did.

I’ve eventually got them though after a few emails with them.


There does seeem to have been a delay for all of us. But remember they couldn’t issue the shares until it was approved by the gm which took place some weeks after the PB offer. The rest is just down to individual brokers admin procedures.
Hope all is now resolved.


do you guys have a different email adress than this below ? We should bomb them with mails then may be we will get more updates .


Bloody FUM we all thought, through out the the last year it couldn’t get worse and had so much opportunity but it did get worse… from awful management.

I personally haven’t bothered to average down as I’d rather have the money elsewhere. What have other LTH’s done that had averages over 30?


Well, L, I joined when the PB came along, because I judged FUM to be a good investment at 7p considering their IP and prospects. Sp has dropped a little since but I put that down to market malaise. One good news item and they should bounce back.
Guess I got in at the right time.
Good luck.