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How about one you have said you had held before Marksman .
Chart must be good higher highs ect .
Its had a little pull back … GWPH .
I think the Dancing Queens hubby is involved lol
Might not be affected when Jerry gets in :rofl:


Two songs now complete


My portfolio continues to drag down, notable bad ones lately, VOD, BUR, FUM… the list goes on a few more. I continue to hold and only check stocks when there is an RNS. Looks like the whole of AIM was rattled the last few days, are we overvalued?

Not so fun anymore!


You should have invested in PHE it has gone up in the last 4 trading days 6%+14+ 7%+ and today 5.88%. It is on the move at last, now in Stans no 2…

Also ITM is up 2.05% today. Maybe in Stans Trading Range?

Hydrogen is the one to invest in. IMO.

All from the MoneyAM charts.



All gone quite on this board no post from anyone for two days !!


What have you been doing / selling everything or adding to some of your losers. Am 50% cash for some time will be drip feeding soon waiting to see how much further this can go down. Do not enjoy this as gains have been eroded. Doubts / fear will lead this market downwards till sense prevails and bargains are bought.


I just read an interesting post by toffappleton on London south east ( VOD ) 3.45 this morning .
Maybe someone could copy that on here for debate ?
( i’m not good at doing that )
As you know i do not use stop loss and at times like this it must take many of you out of stocks.
That must be stressful can you get back in again cheaper i wonder if that is as easy as it might look .
I was trying to top up losers yesterday but only one i got was cancelled 20 mins later i wonder if that would of happened if it had gone down ?
I do not think its a level playing field.
On Friday 12 October i had 11 buy limits on set slightly below share price shown none lifted .


toffappleton on london south east.
No enthusiasm for disusing his view then , he examined Keynes old adage " Markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent "
And the logic of investors and how that works against them ??
I did take a margin in February for the first time but thank God although large i could take as much again but i am not going to .
He points out F T 100 is about where it was in 1999 .
I had a look seems about right but it has always gone higher .
Unlike Aim which is still 3 x less then the spike in 2000 maybe the shares there are not as hard to manipulate ?


Hello Ripley94.

ITM will be ok in time. I remember Buffets response to questions about shares. (Never mind about tomorrow, never mind about next year, it is what happens in 10 years when they will be up). This will be what happens to ITM, Also to PHE, SXX, and VRS this is where most of money is invested.

Have a good look at PHE/hydrogen.

Have a look at the information from PHE that I got from someone on the Drainpipe club… I invested back into PHE just after two latest RNS. Since then I am up around 30% at the moment. It is now in Stans no 2.

If you want to join us on The Drainpipe Club try the following. ( My name is namruts25).

Go to to ADVFN.
Log in.
Go to Free BB.
(search) on the left side.
Enter The Drainpipe Club.
Go to (search) on right side.
Go to the top The Drainpipe Club. Lady Jennifer.

That should do it for you.

Good luck.



HI loads.
I looked at that why a different username for you ?
Not much on it , i posted but not sure it works well , last post i could see was months ago .
( Just got an e-mail informing me my message is posted on drainpipe , does it always take 15 min ? )

Post on here now come through to peoples emails your one to me did not have you clicked something to prevent that ?



Gone very quite on this bb not sure this is your last post on this one Marksman .
I think i read a post from you once that you would not be selling in any case.
This had a big retrace in Oct then a bounce back and down again .
Have you kept your nerve with it ?
Sometimes i think old Davids advise to ignore the ups and downs and just forget might be wise advise .
Hope your well by the way .


It’s gone very quiet as none of us know what to do and when to do. Patience which I’m short of is what’s needed. Brexit must resolve one way or another and I think whichever, at least then we can begin to work out what to do. Limbo is no good. Yes there are other major problems, but my guess is things will start to move with shares when we clear any hurdle of this first. Having a wad in cash is a must it seems for spending, but also to invest when the time seems right. Problem here I can’t see anything I don’t have that I might want anyway, but that may change. Hard to stay positive when everything is down?


Hi Lorinnae.
Yes its all very strange on this usually busy bb .
I can only think the consensuses here is there are more falls to come.
Brexit not sure how that will affect markets ?
Away from the UK of late many on here where investing in USA shares will brexit have any effect over there ?


Some have only one strategy and that is buy from a rising share price without looking at fundamentals. Meanwhile I am shorting the weakest companies.


This is very interesting / v well presented / Mid term election analysis

If you are a betting man listen to this and bet on Republicans gaining seats.



Maybe Crazy you could let us know your trades at the time you make them so we have the opportunity to criticise you , some of your picks.
Or are you like Winniffrith who stays silent when his tips go tits up .
( I read there is a share group who do very well doing the exact opposite of what he suggests )


Hi nonhebel if you have posted the same thing twice you can remove it on this new site but only within a day i think .
Id imagine a lot here are down my advise is not panic as long as you stay alive you will see markets at new highs .



This is the one to invest in. I re-bought some at 0.31p the other week now it is at 0.51p. Over the next few years it will go right up in say another ten years…

Have a look at the recent RNS’s

Recent share bought.
Date Low Vol High Vol Avg Vol
1 week 7,131,208 67,767,593 32,115,280
1 month 261,312 67,767,593 19,431,205
3 months 261,312 67,767,593 10,854,418
1 year 11,146 67,767,593 7,696,00

Just buy PHE and wait for it to go up.

Here is some information that you can read.

Waste2Tricity congratulates PowerHouse Energy Group on receiving a
Statement of Feasibility from DNV-GL
As PowerHouse Energy Group’s (PHE) Project Development Partner in the UK, Waste2Tricity
(W2T) is currently negotiating a pipeline of projects for the commercial deployment of their
Distributed Modular Gasification (DMG®) technology. To date WT2 have engaged with six
substantial waste companies which have identified significant advantages from the
implementation of the DMG® Technology. The most important factor is that, by removing
plastic from their existing supply line, they can achieve savings on that waste plastic that
would otherwise end up in landfill at a cost of around £120 per ton.
W2T are therefore delighted that PHE has received independent validation of the feasibility
of its DMG® technology from DNV-GL (, one of the world’s leading
technology appraisers.
In parallel with PHE advancing the design engineering, W2T, as primary project developer,
are in advanced discussions with a major engineering, procurement and construction
business to offer a project wrap (a guarantee), initially for their first project. This wrap will
underwrite funding for the first system developed from a project pipeline that currently has
15 sites identified. All are co-located sites, where feedstock and electricity offtake are part
of the deployment agreement.
A number of these opportunities include multiple trains (i.e., more than one) of the DMG®
technology. W2T believe the UK waste sector has potential to support at least 200 units, as
pressure grows to effectively dispose of unrecyclable plastic. These projects have potential
to be upgraded at a later date to provide up to two tons of road fuel cell grade hydrogen per
day at 99.999% purity, as confirmed in the DNV-GL report. This would support the rapid
development of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market, especially for HGVs and buses where

About PowerHouse Energy Group Plc
PowerHouse Energy has developed Distributed Modular Gasification, a proprietary process
technology which can utilise waste plastic, end-of-life tyres and other waste streams. It can
efficiently and economically convert them into EcoSynthesis gas from which valuable
products such as chemical precursors, hydrogen, electricity and other industrial products
may be derived. This PHE technology is one of the world’s first proven, modular, hydrogenfrom-waste
(HfW) processes.hydrogen offers advantages over battery operated vehicles.
W2T will shortly be raising funds via a pre-IPO by way of a private share issue open to high
net-worth individuals and approved investors. Details will be available shortly on the W2T
About Waste2Tricity Ltd
Established in 2008, Waste2Tricity is a structured solutions provider to the energy-fromwaste
(EfW) sector, an industry supplying increasing amounts of electricity using feedstock
diverted from landfill. W2T works with clients and partners to develop, fund and support
EfW deployment projects that use proven technology and are profitable and progressive. In
the case of PHE these projects will use high temperature gasification and internal
combustion engines to efficiently convert waste plastic to energy and go on to produce
hydrogen to support the growth of the hydrogen economy in the future
The DMG® process can generate in excess of one tonne of road-fuel quality hydrogen and
more than 28 mega-watts per hour of exportable electricity per day. The PHE process
produces low levels of safe residues and requires a small operating footprint, making it
suitable for deployment at enterprise and community level.
PowerHouse Energy is quoted on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM Market under the ticker
PHE and is incorporated in the United Kingdom.
For more information visit

Good luck.



If you had taken profits re all of your positions by selling half you could go back in if they dropped. I am doing this. Dr what Chinese UT would you buy now. Surely you are thinking drip feed China