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Great trading statement from FEVR today (I have continued to hold through recent turbulence). Always love a trading statement with phrases like this “Reflecting the continued strong performance in the second half, the Board expects that the outcome for the full year will be comfortably ahead of the Board’s expectations.”



independent who is he ?
Better buy 7 days later when you posted 2.4p now 2.23p (- 7% )


Dr m…
FTSE still swinging about last post on this just after Christmas 6583.
Up 107 today 1.58% … Now 6941 increase of more then 5% to end of January .
In hindsight not a good idea to sell after all.


Not much point in leaving comments for Dr m, he doesn’t visit this site anymore. You can look him up under users from the drop down list at the top of your screen (to the right of the magnifying glass).



Yes miss the old days,when Iii had a decent site.No more Dr M,Nigel the snake etc I know Loads posts sometimes,does anyone know if they are posting elsewhere.


DR m
Share_123_maiden not especial for him the name is just for me to find this board with ease.
Has he posted on any other board not sure he used to.
There was a poster called last call he was very active when markets were in free full ( a bear ) but like others disappear when market changes .


Hello silver_tortoise4h
(Yes miss the old days,when Iii had a decent site.No more Dr M,Nigel the snake etc I know Loads posts sometimes,does anyone know if they are posting elsewhere.)

I post on PHE quite a lot.
I post on this one sometimes.
I also post on the ADVFN Bulletin Board Search The Drainpipe Club.
Have a look at the (Tags phe board ) it is well worth a look IMO…


Hell silver_tortoise PHE are waiting for there DMG to be ready to come out, and Toyota to commit to PHE DMG.

PowerHouse Energy Group (LSE:PHE) > discussion
Another write up from Align Reserach
UK Companies
PowerHouse Energy Group
Align Research Top 10 Picks for 2019 - Align Research
To say that 2018 was a “trying” year is somewhat of an understatement. For many small and micro cap stocks, particularly the capital hungry ones and those where delivery by management of market expectations was non-existent or lacking, this resulted…

"7. Powerhouse Energy – current price 0.5p

News on the 26th November from Powerhouse in relation to commercial discussions with Japan’s Toyota Tsusho Corp regarding the company’s proprietary DMG technology provided a much needed shot in the arm for the stock price following many months of declines. Coming on top of news that CEO Keith Allaun had invested £100,000 of his own funds into the stock at 0.6p just weeks before, this provided for a decent re-rating in the shares as investors realised the potential upside if the “advanced commercial discussions” come to a fruitful conclusion. We remind investors of the comment by Mr. Takashi Torigoe – “We have been reviewing Power House Energy’s DMG technology over the last few months and take great interest in it. We are excited and looking forward to a potential partnership in Japan and possibly worldwide.”

As Keith Allaun relayed in our podcast (listen in full HERE) the implications are, in his description, “game-changing” for Powerhouse. We remind readers that as per our prior commentary, indicative gate fees (which Powerhouse will receive for taking in waste) for unrecyclable plastics alone are over £200 a tonne in Japan (compared to around £90 in the UK), with private wire prices c.£100 per MW/h. Given a 20% royalty fee on a PHE system using 25 tonnes of plastic a day it is estimated that PowerHouse could generate a minimum of £0.68 million of revenues p.a. from each DMG® Unit as the technology provider.

As the stock has rewound back to the just completed placing price of 0.5p it seems that market has forgotten the commentary in our full note HERE that the Company is in late stage discussions with 6 additional potential customers over and above Toyota for their DMG® System. We also expect news in the near term as to an update on developments with Toyota Tsusho and, importantly, post the placing, do not anticipate any new capital raising on the horizon. We also suspect that should the negotiations with Toyota ultimately conclude in a deal that there will be a large upfront cash element in this and so addressing any further balance sheet concerns.

Reiterating the observations from our DCF based valuation which uses a very heavy 20% discount rate, this produces an NPV(20) of £47.4 million, or 2.45p per share. At 0.5p we believe the market has thus provided a very attractive risk/reward re-entry opportunity to position for news regarding the multitude potential customers. Buy."



" etc I know Loads posts sometimes,does anyone know if they are posting elsewhere.)"
I thought you were loads hope you do not post under different names .


DR m ( Greatland Gold )
HI nonhebel11 / lorinnae
News came i thought it was good ?
Down 20% to 2p .
Aim ??
Did either of you get stopped out ?


Hi nonhebel11,

I have a small holding in Highland Gold which has been doing ok recently, but have generally decided not to try and pick individual gold miners as I find their company reports difficult to comprehend! I do have some money in BlackRock Gold and General though, hoping the managers there have more expertise.

Do you still hold WATR? Interesting update today, I bought a few.



Hi share_123_maiden
Take it you did not buy Greatland ?
Do you hold WATR, i recal you posting on MWG ?


Hi Ripley94,

No I didn’t buy Greatland.

I bought a few WATR yesterday, I have not held before. I held MWG a long time ago and there were a series of disappointments so I sold, it was a classic ‘jam tomorrow’ stock. I just had a quick look at the chart and it doesn’t look as though things have improved (share price down almost 40% in last 6 months alone). It has a stock rank of 3 on Stockopedia (100 = excellent, 0=terrible), that probably says it all.



Thank you for replying share_123_maiden.
I do hold MWG aim seems to be all about buying lows and selling spikes i fear.
Is WATR an AIM share ?
I know this site favours buying shares after a rise and i have pondered that, it works sometimes .
Paul Scots on WATR ?
Stockopedia i do not use whats there record like ?
Whats there score for GCM that has been spiking and falling back alarmingly .


Hi Ripley94,

In answer to your various questions GCM has a Stockopedia stock rank of 26, a quality rank of 15, a value rank of 43 and momentum 55.

Stockopedia doesn’t make recommendations, it calculates scores for quality, value, growth and momentum and combines these to come up with an overall stock rank. I tend to instantly dismiss any shares with a stock rank less than 20, as there are obviously problems of some description with it. It does save me a lot of time researching lost causes. You can read up how they are calculated on their website.

Below is Paul Scott ‘s assessment in yesterday’s Small Cap Value Report and yes it is listed on Aim.

Water Intelligence (LON:WATR)
Share price: 396p (up 10.0% today, at 08:19)
No. shares: 15.23m
Market cap: £60.3m

January corporate transactions & technology update

Water Intelligence plc (AIM: WATR.L), a leading multinational provider of precision, minimally-invasive leak detection and remediation solutions for both potable and non-potable water is pleased to announce a series of corporate transactions that reinforce its growth trajectory for 2019 and beyond.

Several actions re franchises are mentioned. I like the bit I’ve bolded below;

These transactions underscore that American Leak Detection (“ALD”) and UK-based Water Intelligence International (“WII”) business lines are complementary and growth is accelerating.

New product launch - this sounds intriguing, I’d like to find out more about this, to assess the potential scale of the opportunity ;

Formal launch of ORCA municipal sewer product into the United States following trials at a UK water utility

Trading update - it sounds like they’re not quite ready to put out FY 12/2018 figures, but give a positive steer;

A broader discussion will be set out in the next few weeks with a 2018 Trading Update that reinforces our previous strong guidance. The Company is currently closing its December franchisee royalty reporting on schedule.

Directorspeak - the Exec Chairman sounds very upbeat today. When management make very bullish comments, it’s important to check back and verify their track record - i.e. what did they say in the past, and how did reality actually pan out? Serial over-optimists are best avoided. I don’t know what the track record is like here, perhaps any readers who are more au fait with the company could comment on this?

Dr. Patrick DeSouza, Executive Chairman, commented: "We are off to a fast start in 2019. These transactions unlock significant shareholder value both from synergies and expansion into new offerings.

Water Intelligence is scaling operationally with multiple business lines and can execute such complementary transactions again and again going forward to reinforce sustainable growth - an objective that I have previously stated.

It is important to remember that given the size of the global water and infrastructure market that we are just at the beginning of creating significant shareholder value with a great company and brand. I look forward to updating the market on our 2018 results."

Bold words! Let’s hope it pans out as well as Mr DeSouza suggests.

My opinion - the share price already factors in a lot of good news - the PER is very high, at 33.6 times 2019 forecast earnings. That leaves no room for disappointment. Investors clearly like, and believe, the growth story. A PE rating in the 30s is getting into territory where investors are pricing in above expectations earnings growth.

It would be good to find out more about the new sewer product. If that has potential to become a major, highly profitable product, then the current PER looking high doesn’t matter.

Going back to my point in the intro, here’s a chart which dropped in the broad market sell-off, but should not have done so. Well done to holders who ignored the market’s background noise! How about this for a rebound;


This is a great example of how, in small, illquid shares, the chart can at times become completely detached from fundamental reality. Only traders dealing in the tiniest quantities, would have been able to sell, and buy back at the right times - and only then if they were lucky with regard to timing. Plus 2 lots of the wide bid:offer spread would make it hardly worthwhile.

This is why, if I’m absolutely certain about a company being a long-term winner, then I tend to just ignore the market price gyrations, and suffer the pain of any drawdowns.

I hope that helps,


HI share_123_maiden
Thank you for your reply.
I must have a look at Stockopedia , i thought on this board you favoured a stand W chart type theory ?
I do recall Dr Marksman tipping this one on 14 august 2018 when it had gone up to 426p .
He also told me about the importance of a stop loss so i can not see he would be still in it when it fell to 243p by 23 October some drop in just two months.
Did you follow him in ?
He seems to have disappeared .
Can you give me the 4 scores for WATR please so i can view the comparison .
Kind Regards


@share_123_maiden, can you tell me please what ranking Stockopedia gives Craneware (CRW). I remember you saying you found it too volatile but I bought on a recommendation in Jan '19 it’s risen nicely since then.
I hold WATR but getting a bit concerned about the +50% one month rise.
Take a look at FUTR and D4T4 - steady risers


Hi Ripley,

Others on this board did tend to use the Stan Weinstein principles (or their own modified version) but I have always been more of a buy and hold type of investor. I do however employ a (usually) manual stop loss system. I do have an account (with automatic stop losses) where I buy small quantities of Aim stocks to ‘test the water’ as it were before perhaps investing in a larger holding in my ISA.

My first ever foray into WATR was yesterday. The Stockopedia ranks for WATR today are quality 84, value 10, momentum 83 and stock rank 65. So decent quality and momentum but quite expensive. Stock ranks are updated daily as they are affected by share price as well as other factors.

I do not know what has happened to Marksman and he has not responded to my email or phone calls. He does not seem to visit this site anymore.



Hi @mememe

Today’s Stockopedia rankings for CRW are quality 99, value 4, momentum 95 and stock rank 80, so looking quite expensive now. If I were a holder I wouldn’t necessarily sell on the basis of these scores but I probably wouldn’t be a buyer at these levels either.

D4T4 scores are quality 87, value 42, momentum 96 and stock rank 93, so this looks more interesting at first glance than CRW. However I should say that I would never make a purchase based on the stock ranks alone, but it provides a great start for further research (or dismissing ideas at the first post when stock ranks are v poor).

FYI ranks for FUTR are quality 42, value 8, momentum 99 and stock rank 46.



Hi share_123_maiden
Thanks again phone calls … i do hope he is ok .
I hope someone can post he is well .