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Great set of results from SCT yesterday, now up over 50% on this one, so likely candidate for a transfer into my ISA in the new tax year when I will probably increase the size of my holding.


Hi share_123_maiden.
Maybe a good idea if I followed you with the disciplined approach .
I have a wise old friend who pays a bit more for a similar services to your Charles Stanley and values the broker he is a friend of with them .
But HL for AIM ?
My top up gamble with Motif Bio paid of today bounce of 40% .
Winny said nuts to hold.
Not sure if anyone knows anything more then anyone else on reflection .
Except the city boys who have inside info .
Now if you had bought back in when I posted @ 1pm ish you could of made 60% in next two hours .
AIM … all about spikes .


Hi Ripley94

You said:

I must admit I left this one behind when I sold it after it failed to get approval. I think Winny is probably right as they have already announced that they will need to raise more capital to move forward with this now. Just because they have got a meeting with the FDA it doesn’t actually mean that it is going to have a positive outcome. I shall continue to watch with interest from the sidelines.


@share_123_maiden, my apologies. I remember now you did mention Charles Stanley some time ago. I have a multicurrency account with IG so all I pay is commission of around £11/trade, of course it might hit me when I convert.

I’m not sure what you mean by flexibility as I have been able to buy every share I’ve wanted to with IG - perhaps I’m not dealing in as many countries as you are. Also they provide a 24/6 (I think they close Sat 10pm for one night). I find the advisers quite knowledgeable compared to HL where everything had to be ‘referred’ . I closed all accounts with HL and transferred to AJBell and IG. I recently transferred an ISA to ii and have been pleased with the service (the cashback did help!!).

Good results on SCT I’ve held for some time. Did you look at DOMO? I took a punt on SBGL for platinum/palladium. Let’s see. I’ve given up on UK stocks at least until Brexit is settled.

Are you still holding IQE?


The flexibility arises mainly from the long term relationship with my stockbroker, as we discuss ideas together and I trust his opinion. Also he flags up issues re my holdings that I sometimes miss. I do have shares in several different countries (I think you mentioned having a problem purchasing Tomra when I bought a while back). Also other family members have the same facilities and I can trade on their behalf as and when required. I have had issues recently with HL when dealing with AIM shares so I may consider moving elsewhere at some point.

I did have a quick look at DOMO, but decided it was not for me at the moment, as still a long way off expecting to make any money. I feel I probably have enough exposure to US shares for my personal circumstances, so would probably be considering a sale before making another purchase.

I do still hold some IQE shares, partly because I am still sitting on a large capital gain from my original purchase and already face a CGT bill this year that I didn’t wish to add to unnecessarily. This is why I sometimes find passing comments on individual shares tricky as everyone’s circumstances are different.


Platinum is doing better than Palladium have you sold the latter. Noticed down over 10% in the last few days. I am in Platinum for the moment / in profit will stay in for the moment.

This technology interests me / do you know any companies activily working on this


No I haven’t sold my Palladium, I have held this since the beginning of 2015 so still sitting on a large profit. It looks as if it is heading into oversold territory now, I intend to continue holding for the time being, given the shortage of supply. The drop in value of the ETF today is based on very little volume.
I have just been looking at the commodity prices on sharepad and the % change in the Palladium price over 1w, 1m, 3m, 6m and 12m are -7.04, -3.81, +17.2, +37.3, +53.4 The corresponding figures for Platinum ETF you quoted (PPLT) are -2.22, -3.5, +6.47, +2.62, -10.8

I hadn’t heard of the technology in the article you cited, so obviously not aware of any companies working on this. I’m sure battery technology will continue to improve fast given the current demand for power storage, it is an interesting sector. Have you looked at Bushveld Minerals at all? They are working on vanadium batteries, based in South Africa they are creating a mini-grid to supply their nearby mine. There are big power supply problems in South Africa, so this will be an interesting project. Unfortunately I was automatically stopped out of my holding here, but considering re-entry at some point.


@mememe, I was just wondering wether you can trade on NEX with the brokers that you use? It doesn’t seem to be possible with Hargreaves Lansdown. (I was able to do the trade I wanted to do with my broker at Charles Stanley).


@share_123_maiden, I have never tried the NEX exchange. If you give me a particular stock I can check in the Finder.


To give you 3 to try (I have no position or comment to make about any of them, as I have done no research on them), ADB Adnams, CFCP Capital for Colleagues and DXSP DXS International.


I was able to find details about them on the HL website but wasn’t able to actually deal.


@share_123_maiden, can’t find any of the stocks you mentioned on IG and its not one of the exchanges listed. AJBell used to trade on NEX but no longer - only possible to sell stock already held but no new trades.


@mememe, thanks for looking. It’s not an exchange I would be buying on normally, but interesting to know the scope of different brokers.


Did you see this article?


@J_Westlock, hi, can’t find your post but I think you said that you were with iWeb for your SIPP and ISAs (please correct me if wrong). Are you pleased with the service?

I recently transferred my ISAs to ii but they are putting up their charges from June. Do iWeb provide a good selection of stocks and good spreads? Thanks


Hi @mememe
I haven’t had any issues with iWeb not allowing me to trade stocks/etfs/funds that I personally wanted to with their ISA. It offers the same as Halifax sharedealing after all.

However, if you’re a ‘sophisticated’/frequent trader… you might be disappointed with iWeb. It is a cheap and cheerful service. The support online and by phone is as good as any. It keeps the costs right down… I got fed up paying lots of costs… hidden and not… with other brokers.

In short, I’m happy with iWeb and will probably use it for this year’s ISA allocation.

I think we’ve discussed it before… no harm iin having a few different brokers. I;d vcertainly give iWeb a try… it is same staff in their back office as for Halifax sharedealing so it’s not some new startup internet company that you’ve never heard of.


Hi @J_Westlock, thank you for replying and sorry I could not get back to you earlier. I took a quick look at iWeb the commission is low but the exit charges are £25/line of stock!! I will need to look more closely and also check a few stocks before I make a decision (some people say stocks are restricted but as you say not in your experience).

I must say w.r.t ii, phone calls are answered immediately and the website is good. The cost will be £9.99 per month with one free trade/mth at £7.99. Unused free trades can be carried over for up to 90 days. There are no Exit charges (important for me). I will probably do 12 trades a year for= this portfolio which will make the annual cost £24.

I’m also worried that if I close my trading account ii might stop me using the VP which I rely on for monitoring all my portfolios from the various brokers. I still find it the best. L2 on IG is good but I have to download it each time and then the prices are in $s.

Until Brexit is sorted out, I’m not buying UK stocks. I’m using this year’s ISA for foreign (mainly US) shares. Regards


@J_Westlock, hi I replied to you but forgot to start with your name.


Yes, you’re correct @mememe .
Note that the iWeb exit fees of £25/line are limited to £125 by the way.

Just out of interest, why are the exit charges important for you? Clearly, it’s better when they are low/non-existent but they are dwarfed by the cost of ongoing charges if you compare costs over say a 5 year period… and iWeb has no ongoing charges.

Unless you are unhappy with ii… personally I wouldn’t close an account to move to iWeb… I’d just put future cash into iWeb… and don’t exceed more than £85k with any broker (across all your accounts with that broker) so you are covered by FSCS in the unlikely event they go under.

I’ve only had cause to speak to a Broker directly when trading markets or products they won’t allow you to trade online… or when they’ve messed up an ISA transfer (ie. every time).


@J_Westlock, when I compared spreads with IG and another broker I had at the time I was getting a much better deal with IG which far outweighed the other broker’s lower commission. I find spreads with IG and ii are very similar when I compare. Exit charges are important to me I didn’t like the service, messing up transfers or high charges at a large broker name starting with H (not sure I’m allowed to mention it)

I’ve been with IG for 3 years and have never paid custody charges as I’m a regular trader. This is unlike SaxoGo which doesn’t offset trades against custody charges which would be high for me not to mention their FX charge of 1% for an ISA account (can’t have multicurrency by law for ISA accounts). IG also have a 24/7 service which is very useful if ever I have to call.

I believe it is the law for nominee accounts to be ring- fenced from the broker’s own business. Even if the broker were to collapse, creditors could not access this money. If the broker went completely bust investments could be used to pay the administrators but this has always been refunded by FSCS (as far as I’m aware) eg Beaufort Securities
It’s £85K compensation for cash and £50K for cash held in a nominee account but happy to be corrected.