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I bought Tap on the fall @ 100 only to watch it fall to 73 hours after .
But sold that top up @ 114 on Friday .
Funny board this Dr m always preached buying rising shares not massive faller’s like tap ??


@Ripley94, no-one ‘preached’ anything to you or anyone else. It was not a ramp to buy. I was replying to @share_123_maiden that I agreed about Chinese and Israeli shares but chose to buy Taptica . Besides I prefer to communicate with someone with whom I can share information like @share_123_maiden but you don’t have to read the posts if you don’t want to.
No-one cares what I do and neither do I care what you or others do.


I am afraid you are wrong.
Look back on here you will see evedence of Dr m ( Marksman ) doing just that.
Not sure what your up to.


What happened to Dr M? i haven’t seen him post in months. is he alive and well?


Sorry, I don’t know


I have asked that question out of genuine concern over last few months.

But it might be he was one of the posters ( like last- call , who admits to have many different names )
Last call appears under a name throws ideas about then disappears and his case deramping .


I emailed Dr M after he stopped posting on this board inviting him to meet for lunch, but he never replied. I then phoned him and he hung up when he realised it was me. For some reason he took great offence at any comments I made about Lloyds Bank or Vodafone as he was a great fan of both shares. I sold the holdings I had in both of these around that time as they were poor performers (and for the record have continued to be so).


@Ripley94, Taptica is now at 125


Thanks for information mememe.
Mistake slicing the last top up in hindsight
Maybe this is the time to buy it.
That would be more like the Dr m style.
If he still reads board maybe he will jump in get some of the losses from vod back.
I put a limit buy on VOD today but it did not lift , time will tell if that was lucky or not .


@Ripley94, it’s never a bad time to take profits. You never know what’s round the corner.


@mememe, did you ever take a look at Barco that I mentioned before, lovely chart, up over 30% since beginning of April.

Angle had a successful fund raise of £18m today, did you buy any in the end?

Nice gap up for Cerillion today after the announcement of a major contract win.


@share_123_maiden, I took a look when you mentioned it and bought. thanks.
Angle too but showing a small loss.
I don’t hold Cerillion.
I got rid of Future last week read a negative review.
Somero took a big hit - not sure whether to buy.
Also getting rid of pure UK stocks and today sold the retailers I own - just Joules and perhaps another left I need to check. UK PLC is in a bad way.