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Sadly the PHE share price is down 30% since the beginning of the year, whereas the share price of ITM is up by over 175%.


PHE have been given money by Peel to complete there work.

Have alook at there information, or there website above.

PHE are a company for the future.



Have a look at these ones



Good morning @loadsadough, I have read quite a few of the articles you have highlighted about this company and I think the theory all sounds great. However, it is unclear exactly what the timescales are before any profit is likely to be generated by the company.

In the latest RNS it says “ In the next stage Peel will place contracts with engineering contractors for the management, civil and plant engineering design all of which are expected to be placed in January 2020”, but gives no timescale for the completion of the plant or the commencement of operations. I note from the half year report “The financial situation is eased by consultants and service providers having agreed to payments in equity”, although there is an indication that there will be some revenue generated from consultancy going forward. My concern as an ‘investor’ as opposed to a ‘trader’ would be that Powerhouse might be out of existence before the first project is operational.

This is a small company with a market cap of just under £10m versus ITM’s market cap of over £315m. ITM is a much more established company now (and you did sing its praises in the past) and although both companies are involved in the production of hydrogen I do not see them as direct competitors as you seem to.

I took a small position in PHE yesterday, but see this as a punt. I now have a much larger position in ITM which has already proved to be a good investment for me. There is room for both these companies in this space and I hope they both do well.

Good luck to holders of both shares.


Hello S123m.

IMO PHE will be a big company in the future. They will not make a profit until late next year, but at that time the orders will come in. They have Peel giving them money. Peel have 11 orders, and they will do over 200 orders for the Uk in the future.

ITM a waiting for our government to give them money to keep going, they will be ok in the future.

It will be interested to see how they both go



PHE have only 2 people working for them. Waste2, do all the work getting orders from all over the wold and they have plenty but PHE have to get the fist one up. and running fist.

Peel provide the money, and have 11 orders to be done.

So it is 3 companies working on the orders.

I have made money from AFC, and PPS, and my stake in PHE is around 41p. So I am doing ok. I just wait for PHE to get going.

You might have a look at CWR.




Buy all the PHE that you can afford and wait for it to go up next year. In 5 years time you will be very rich. the fist one will be completed late next year.

PHE is a new company that will make there products to supply all over the wold. Japan, Indonesia, Spain, and Kuwait. Kuwait have lots of Car tyers and they are used by PHE to make Hydrogen, and elecrtricity. PHE will be much cheaper than others hydrogen because it is made from old Plastic that is cheap to get. We shall have around 200 PHE in the UK. Peel are going to sort out where the next few go inJanuary, and give PHE more money…Unlike ITM that needs money PHE have only 2 people working and money is no problem. waste2electic will sort out who make them all over the world. the end of next year will be very interesting.

Just buy some and wait. It could go any where over the next few months, mabe a bit down next week…



PHE from chrome.



@share_123_maiden, I hold Ibstock same group as MBH. I bought more ITM too. Beeks Financial Cloud, K3 Capital, Dart, Alpha FX all doing well too many to list. Not sure this rally will continue still hesitant about the UK market. US ones doing even better possibly because of easing of tariff tensions. Happy Christmas.


Hello mememe Not sure about the companies that you invest in. I know ITM but it is only an orinary hydrogen company but it could be ok in time.

This year just I inveseted in 3 companies. PPS, and AFC, both went up so I boy a few then sell them when they were up… Made a profit with both. Most of my money in in PHE with an average of 41p so at 46p I an doing ok. But when PHE goes up later in 2020 I shall make a fortune. PHE has a brand
new product only one in the world. It makes from old plastic, and old car tyres Hydrogen, electricity.
Good luck with your companies.


@loadsadough, re ITM - I don’t call a 72% rise in 5months ‘could be OK in time’. I’m more than happy with my choice of stock picking and I hope you are with yours too but PHE not one for me - at least not for now. All the best for 2020.


Hello mememe.
Thank you for your reply. I don’t know what to make of ITM our government have not give it many jobs, but in Germay they are have 100 hydrogen stations this year. But PHE have 11 stations now, and another 200 coming with Hydrogen that will be much cheaper than other stations. But it will take time before its new equipment is up, and running, then watch it go on late 2020 It has loads of orders all over the wold, but will not supply anything yet until its first one is up, and running. Peel give it money so no problems there. You might like to have a look at CWR, and JDG, they both do well over the last 5 years. I know investors in them so we shall see.



Hello everyone, happy new year to you all.

PHE has gone up 95% since the 15 th of December. How many of you buy some shares? In the last three days it went up, 3.3%, 7.4%, and 4.9%.

It will go up a lot this year, and next year. Do what Warren Buffett does buy some and leave them to go up over the next few years. Don’t sell just buy, and wait.

Will it have some money, yes. Our government will back it sooner or later, Peel have 10 stations to work out where they go in January so more money coming sooner or later. IMO Japan want some PHE stations so as there will be stations going all over the world later this year Japan will put money in to get there stations fast.

My average is 41p and it is now 53p so I am doing ok. After I make money from PPS, and AFC I buy more PHE at a low 40p last year.

Have a look at this one.

Follow Manabouttown he know what he is talking about.

Good luck everyone.



Hydrogen cars from Manabouttown.

Using Hydrogen in the Gas Grid.
Today 14:25
A more up to date article

For those who are tempted by fuel cell technology, only a few models are commercially available. Unfortunately, these remain expensive compared to similarly sized petrol, diesel or even battery electric rivals. Toyota’s Mirai, for example, costs around £60,000 with Toyota expected to lose money on every one sold. This price includes the £4,500 Category 1 UK Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG) which includes the Mirai as an eligible vehicle.

In the UK, it isn’t yet possible to buy a FCEV outright; Hyundai and Toyota only offer cars on lease. While this is mainly due to the limited refuelling infrastructure, it also protects owners from any technical and durability issues associated with a new technology.

Hydrogen is sold in kilograms rather than volume (litres or gallons), and current prices are around £10 to £15 per kg. As the Mirai’s tank holds approximately 5 kg, a full hydrogen refill would cost between £50 and £75 meaning that hydrogen FCEVS are more expensive per distance able to travel than both internal combustion vehicles and BEVs. With increased hydrogen use though, costs are likely to come down in the future. Manufacturers are removing this problem though by incorporating fuel costs into the cost of the lease. Therefore, you won’t need to pay anything ‘at the pump’ and the entire motoring costs are paid in one lump sum each month.

The rest of the car’s running costs again bear a close resemblance to BEVs: servicing costs are significantly less than an internal combustion car because of reduced numbers of moving parts, while consumables such as brake pads are used less because of brake energy recuperation. FCEVs are also exempt from the London Congestion Charging Zone and, with no CO2 emissions, are exempt from paying Vehicle Excise Duty (VED or road tax).



PHE doing very well up over 11% at this time today. More money coming in have a look at the information. Moey coming in for PHE.

Peel are going to plan hydrogen parks. They have another 10 Sites to complete. This is what they will do. Identify areas based on. Plenty of old plastics, Can connect to an electric connection, will be able to supply hydrogen to buses, and Lorries. will be able to supply hydrogen to gas pipes for around half price of other supplies. We should know they will be sometime in January. That is just the UK with around 200 sites products.

Allover the world they will go, in Japan, coming all over Asia. In Indoneses in Jakarta Mr White says they want them to give electrisity, and get rid of old Plactis.

Do what Mr Warren Buffett and buy some PHE now, then wait for it to rise over the next few years then you will be ok. loads of money.,



PHE Buy it now. Our government will look at it and order something like 200 stations. when they realise that it can turn Plastic, and car tyres into electricity, or hydrogen.

It has a made a small one at the Chester university that worked very well, now it is builing one full size with Peel , and wate2 helping them. it will be finished later this year then all will want it.

Buy it now it went up 9.7% yesterday. and it is up 4.4% today. It has gone up over 100 in the last few weeks. It will be worth a fotune in a year or so.

David Ryan will be a hero in the futur, he has made it work

Sorry about my spelling,



@loadsadough, I’m not sure why you have so taken against ITM power. The share price has gone up nearly 300% in the last 12 months, whereas the share price of PHE sadly is only up about 10% over the same time period and that has all been in the last month. The ITM share price has broken through its resistance level this week to achieve a level not seen since 2011 and judging by today’s rise looks set to continue.

There has been a lot of positive comment about hydrogen in the press recently, with some commentators thinking 2020 will be a turning point year for the fuel.

Have you given up on the Stan Weinstein principles you used to advocate?


Hello S123M.
ITM has done well recently they now are going to supply hydrogen to the gas service.

I only support PHE because they will get hydrogen for gas services when they are up, and running with there gas much cheaper than other suppliers. PHE will be a good company later this year. PHE have a new product to supply all over the world. As Warren Buffett says just invest and wait for it to go up. Gone up over 100% recently.

My PHE are at 0.41p with plenty more to come over the next few years.

Good luck with ITM Hydrogen is coming now. ITM just another hydrogen company. So far so good, but on the future I do not know.




Happy new year to you. I’ve completed my end of year/new year sort out now, and sold a few dogs which should have gone before. Sadly I am not as good at cutting loses when they are in my ISA as I seem to hang on too long to see if they improve - more often than not they don’t. I’ve halved my holding in EQS, sold my holding in South32 and got rid of the worst dog of all TRX. I’ve also reduced my holdings in FGT and PRU. I transferred my holding of TIFS into my ISA as it has been having a good run of late and I’ve banked some nice profits.

Very glad I topped up my holding of ITM on 12th December. I’ve bought a couple of US shares; ABT and AMD. I also took a small speculative position in KMR.

INS up 13% today as I type on no specific news that I can see, I’m currently 84% up on my investment there.

I was wondering which part of the country you are located in and if you would be interested in meeting for some share discussions.