What do I think ? I think unless you enact the result of the referendum, the young people you care so passionately about will have no democracy.


That isn’t correct Pete… it isn’t All Risk and No Reward… it is… Major Issues, Enormous Risks and No Reward.

We are already seeing some of the Issues that are hurting the UK economy: City institutions have already shifted $1 trillion of assets out of the UK and into other European hubs, along with 7,000 jobs and car manufacturing in the UK is on the demise… they aren’t just risks… they are happening now.


And that’s why we need #BrexitRef2… it’s coming next year anyway… almost locked in now.

When about 7-8% more of the UK population want to Remain in the EU rather than leave it… it’s high time this Brexit dud was kicked into touch.


That argument is tired and just wrong… What ppl voted for 3 year ago is Not what they want now and they did not have the opportunity to vote for DEAL NO DEAL NORWAY CANADA etc and they were lied to and we all know the truth now.
HAS Turkey Joined ( we have a veto)
Can we stop and EU army (we have a veto)

Basically that silly arguments is for one reason YOU KNOW YOU WOULD LOSE.
We just should not be pushing ahead with this important decision without making absolutely sure the majority want to go ahead Knowing what we know now


Not entirely sure why you ask for my opinion petethenovice and then go all BOLD text on me when it differs from yours.
Sadly you will not get your remain referendum as it would kill democracy.
I genuinely think you should keep fighting for what you want though, but will need more than a few newspaper headlines and Facebook posters imho.


“kill democracy”… what bollocks.

#BrexitRef2 will happen next year… when Remain wins… that will be it… done… all over for Brexit.

Because noone here ever gives any logical reason for leaving the EU… you deserve what you get.


Not entirely sure why you dont reply to my post rather than a general reply with my name in text. make it hard to keep track.
Point we were talking about is the tired argument about democracy which is of course false because the referndum was a fraud in any case. The text in bold is just to make the point the Brexiters dont want another referndum because THEY KNOW THEY WOULD LOSE.

If they thought they had any chance of winning they would be calling for one rather than this same rhetoric which is a vain hope they can push through some brexit against the will of the public now


So it looks like the EU Groupies called it wrong again.
Sir Kim Darroch has resigned as UK ambassador to the US, as a row over leaked emails critical of President Trump’s administration escalates.


Is escalated by Trump, I think you mean.

I don’t hear you saying this is the end of British sovereignty?


You appeared to miss the fraud case surrounding an EU appointment last week petethenovice, so I’m not buying your new found passion for fraud cases…


Eh? Who said he wouldn’t? Who said he would keep his job and for how long?

I wasn’t something I called… I couldn’t give a shit about this chap… there’s way too many waste of time Ambassadorial roles that taxpayers stump up for… just as there’s too many MPs… a waste of space, parasitical Monarchy, a nonsensical and unelected House of Lords and a thick electorate who think all that is OK.


Earwig , I’ve got to hand you a small credit for daring to show your face after calling it so horrible wrong, fair play.
Quote taken directly from the BBC so apologies for not being allowed to provide the link as the suspension your leader has imposed still remains.
Have a good evening x


What 2 faced Bojo thinks of Trump…


thanks for replying direct.
Not interested in your whatabouts only in.

Is leaving the EU better or worse for my kids n Gkids answer is obvious
LEAVE campaign cheated and Lied in our advisory referendum true…


Panorama has an interesting documentary on the Racist Labour Party , will be a little more difficult for the EU Groupies to support such an anti Semitic party going forward.


I shall be watching it with interest Mr Carpet. Labour needs to clean up its act and so does the Islamophobic Tory party which is so beloved by the Brexiter Old Biddies!




FIAT - good morning,
I have to object to your statement about Grey Carpet and ‘his EU Groupies phrase’!
If you care to research back far enough, you’ll find it was I who originated the expression. Given it’ s succinctness and accuracy it is encouraging to see it’s use continuing!
Credit where credits due m8.


Ah , so my suspension is due to copyright infringement? Perhaps if you withdraw the complaint ii will allow freedom of speech from both sides, rather then just allowing the abhorrent cheering of deaths of the most venerable of society from the EU Groupies


GC - good morning

Looks like it m8.
I’m happy to join the ‘Free the Grey Carpet 1’ movement - shall we start a petition?


I wouldn’t bother JAR , should I win by majority I’m sure a small section of society would object and call for the deaths of supporters in the hope of a re-run.