your sounding more a more desperate to take the discussion away from “is Brexit worth it”
Today The Bank of England said the risks of a no-deal Brexit have increased and warned that such an outcome could slam the pound, government bonds and house prices.
In its Financial Stability Report on Thursday, it said that “significant market volatility and asset price changes are to be expected in a disorderly” withdrawal from the European Union. It also sees a risk of “material economic disruption.”

thinking Bojo is going to get us anywhere is real desperate stuff… He has too much baggage…




They are in a complete tizzy, even resorting to pretend to want Boris so they can claim victory? I do feel for the EU Groupies on here as they await which way their internet BB leader will lean , Looks like it might be the Liberal Party which will render them null and void for years…they have plenty of practice at losing.
After they desperately begged Corbyn to move to a remain position, praising his every move on here and wishing he shift positions,he instead was busy covering up racist behaviour…couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch, what goes around comes back and slaps them in the chops.


I did not defend or condemn Corbyn, I said I don’t know if he is racist. You obviously missed it so here it is again. I’ve answered your question, now you answer mine.

I have no idea about Corbyn and little interest in him apart from when he will be replaced as party leader. I didn’t watch the last night’s revelations because I have my own experiences of the Labour party and I’ve never come across racism in it. Not among activists.

There are plenty of Labour voters who are racist, but even among those I’ve never heard anything anti-semitic. I’ve never heard anything among Tory voters anti-semitic either, but much more open racisim in the followers of that party.

I have heard racism from Trump. Overtly used as a ploy to gain votes. Now that is disgusting and dangerous and you obviously agree with it wholeheartedly.

You can’t say for one moment that Corbyn or anyone in the upper echelons of the Labour party has campaigned for votes by playing the race card.

Can you admit the difference between the two and openly say you support racism? Or will you condemn Trump’s tactics here and now? Go on, be a man.


JW - hi

I’m sorry but who gives a sh@t
Thought I would use English this time instead of French


We know why JAR won’t reply don’t we JW. His silence speaks volumes.




FIAT - hi

Quite happy to answer a reasonable poster who has a chance of understanding the answer. JW fails on both counts!!
There’s nothing I could say that will cause the Groupies to change their minds on Brexit and there sure as hell is nothing they / you could post that will change mine.
So I won’t bother.


If you come up with something I hadn’t thought about… I’d be happy to say so. I just want to understand what you think on those points/questions… you can’t reach agreement on things if you don’t understand the other persons reasons/thinking behind things.

If you could continue answering in English that would be best… google translate isn’t always accurate.


Just catching up…

Good morning Mr Carpet,

Hope you are well this morning and not feeling too flat on this Friday? We’ve not heard from you yet today but I have my fingers crossed that you are still breathing and have not been hoovered up as you are always a source of great amusement.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for at least another fifteen hundred of your Brexiteer compatriots who were laid out yesterday and the same number again today.

However, the forces of inexorable demographic change and the fact of the existence of a clear Remain majority now, are not the big thing right now. What matters is how the internecine wars in the Political parties plays out in Westminster.

The most significant thing is who will replace Johnson as Prime Minister once he has crashed and burned due to:

  1. His own feckless incompetence.

  2. Tory MPs despair and anger at his treachery in the Darroch affair.

  3. His undermining by the outraged entire Civil Service.

  4. The impossibility of delivering Brexit.

One senses that the leading Tories are beginning to line themselves up for the Leadership contest Round 2. Rudd, Loathesome and Hammond have particularly had a lot to say for themselves this week. I expect that when we see Gove come out of hiding it will be game on.




Its still early in Trump-land.


More confirmation of the disaster a No Deal Brexit would bring to the UK… this time, from the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Greg Clark implored colleagues to “strain every sinew to avoid that”, with leadership rivals Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt both pledging to leave the EU without a deal if need be.

But the men vying to succeed Theresa May as prime minister face a battle to force through their commitment, as some MPs vow to block any attempt.

Mr Johnson has pledged that he will enact the EU exit by the Halloween deadline “come what may, do or die”, while Foreign Secretary Mr Hunt said he would be willing to delay if a deal was in sight.

Mr Clark warned in an interview broadcast on Friday that the disruption of a no-deal departure would lead to the shedding of jobs.

“It’s evident that if you have the disruption that comes from a no-deal Brexit there will be people that will lose their jobs,” he told Sky News.

“It’s many thousands of jobs. Everyone knows that.”

Mr Clark cited evidence from businesses when challenged that some are claiming the UK could weather an exit on World Trade Organisation terms.

“I think every person that considers the evidence that companies have given – whether it’s in the automotive sector, whether it’s in the food sector, whether it’s in aerospace, in industries up and down the country – you know if you become less efficient and your ability to trade is impeded, then of course losing your competitiveness means there will be jobs lost,” he said.



JW - hi

Is that the Greg Clarke who was formally a Liberal Democrat, educated (partly) at the LSE
and voted for (guess what … you 've got it Remain!
Obviously impartial then as an archetypal left-wing Remainer?


It’s a familiar refrain from the Brexiteers:

  • anyone with any good knowledge or that’s an expert in their field is not to be trusted
  • anyone who voted Remain isn’t to be trusted
  • any polls that show the UK population have now changed their mind on leaving the EU are not to be trusted
  • any evidence that Brexit will make the UK worse off is a lie
  • any forecasts from either Government or independent organisations are to be ignored if they show Brexit making the country worse off


That reminds me John… you still haven’t answered this regarding your reasons for voting to Leave the EU… seeing as Immigration was a hot issue for you, thought you’d have something to say about it:

Whilst there are many potential improvements that could be made to the UK immigration system… you have failed to state any reason why it could not be done whilst the UK is still in the EU… and could not have been implemented at any point over the last few years.

So… why is that a reason for leaving the EU?

You also mentioned EU “uncontrolled” immigration.
I assume you are referring to the large numbers of migrants in their exodus from Africa, the Middle East (esp. Iraq and Libya) and placed like Afghanistan (to name some of the main sources).

Tell me what you think would be happening if there was no EU and no Schengen system (for those states that signed up to it)?
Do you think that the migrant crisis would magically have not happened?

There would still be boats coming to the shores of Greece and Italy… they would still be passing through those countries, there would still be some states trying to block them, some trying to help as much as they could and some hurrying them through as quick as they could.
There would still be lorries coming to English ports with migrants (from non-EU countries) trying to get in… IN or OUT of the EU.

So… again… do explain how the UK being outside of the EU is going to help stop such migrants (ie. asylum seekers and illegal migrants) from trying to get into the UK?
You think there’s be less trying to get to the UK if the EU didn’t exist?


You see how far the Trump-groupies have moved to the right when they start calling Tories archetypal left-wingers. Typical American wanna-be.

LONDON (Reuters) July 12 - The pound edged higher on Friday but was set for a record 10th week of consecutive losses against the euro as weak data and the growing possibility of interest rate cuts after a chaotic Brexit kept investors sidelined.

Hopes the Bank of England will raise rates have been one of the few supports for the pound in recent weeks, as the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and other central banks turned dovish. Recent dismal data have dashed those hopes.

At the same time, concern has grown about a no-deal Brexit. The favourite to be next prime minister, Boris Johnson, sees that Oct. 31 deadline as set in stone, regardless of whether Britain reaches an agreement with the European Union on the terms of its departure.




From the New European:

The Vote Leave campaign has dropped their appeal against the Referendum cheating finding.

Commenting, Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith said the dropped appeal suggested Vote Leave “cheated and will only admit it behind closed doors”. She added: “It’s terrifying that the face of their campaign, Boris Johnson, is set to be the next prime minister. What does that say about fair play?”

They tripled the orginal £80k fine after having to pick up the Electoral Commission’s additional costs. Its a good job they have some tax avoiding rich friends.



Well what a refreshing change that interview made, Boris schooling the negative BBC’s Andrew Neil, Came across very well and had an answer for what Neil chucked at him, even putting him straight on more than one occasion, he definitely has what it takes to negotiate with the doom merchants and the EU combined.
Very encouraging future ahead of UK PLC.


Mr Carpet is clearly off his chump! The Johnson interview was a car crash. An absolute embarrassment. I don’t think Mr Carpet can see my posts due to his restrictions. I am happy if anyone wants to repost my comments including those I made on BW3 so that he can see what I have written.


Frog in a tree


Two opposing views of the same thing… you see what you want to see. If you watch it with an already prejudiced opinion you only see negatives.
Personally I try to be positive? and no I didn’t watch it before you ask … why?
Partly because I have no control over the next PM’s election so in which case my “opinion” is pretty academic :nerd_face:


Once again Fynne, you opine without seeing. I guess you have Eurosat and you could have watched it if you wanted. No surprise. I hold no candle for either Hunt or Johnson as they both pursue a disasterous policy. From my neutral position, the Johnson performance was absolutely the poorest and I expect to see media comments on this tomorrow. If you have watched any of the Johnson interviews, you will know what I mean with the talking over and the blustering.

Frog in a tree