…more howls of Brexit pain from the car industry. What will survive of it?

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Is everything you quote just from the Guardian?
Maybe you should read something else as well … try and get a different side of the story?


Unlike you, I do!



was at a wedding this week in llangollen met a guy who runs a large co working on automation in the car industry
his words…

Brexit is killing us.


Laura Keunssberg reckons that there could be a General Election offered within days (held before 31st October presumably). Not so sure myself.


If anyone is planning to travel via Dover after 31st October remember to pack plenty of sandwiches and a flask of really hot tea…and of course DON’T PANIC!!

The British do like a ‘nice’ organised queue…I suppose.



"Mr Shapps said HS2’s cost had risen from £62bn to between £81bn and £88bn.

The second phase to Manchester and Leeds was due to open in 2032-33, but that has been pushed back to 2035-2040."


“His defection means that Boris Johnson no longer has a working majority in the Commons.”


£ chart when it happened…



…we get more warnings of the damage that a no deal Brexit would cause to British business. This article reports that concern is internationally based:

It used to be said that the Tory party was the party of business. Now, it seems, they are simply a band of saboteurs.

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Quite right … thankfully the 21 “saboteurs” have been expelled from their party.
Hopefully one or two will be looking for alternative employment in a month or two :+1:


They will be taking quite a lot of moderate support with them leaving the Tory party to drift ever further to the extreme right. Suits me! The Tories tend to win elections when they present a liberal, rational face to the electorate.

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They voted to take power away from their own government… they should be kicked out which ever party the come from … let’s see what happens to the two labour who defied their party :v:


Its not a good look for the Tories and it will further alienate moderate opinion. I am all in favour of Tory self-harm.


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the party they represent is a fraud controlled by offshore tax avoiders who want to avoid new EU LAW.


"Taken together, they suggest the economy shrank in the third quarter of the year by 0.1%. The figures are by no means the final word on economic growth in the third quarter. But the concern that we may already be in recession no longer looks fanciful. "


Why weren’t Johnson, Mogg, the entire ERG kicked out of the Tory Party then for repeatedly voting against their party, stopping Brexit and forcing their own Prime Minister out of her job then brainbox?

All of those treacherous weasels should have been expelled at the time and the Tory party would be in a better shape now and the country not such a laughing stock as it is.




You mean the lying side? Such as the Express, Mail, Sun and Telegraph?

You seem to actually worship proven liars fynne, such as Johnson and Trump. They wouldn’t exist without gullible people like you. Therefore you are to blame for the mess the world is in.




Or like the Bank of England’s Mark Carney perhaps ?
Apparently Britain can handle brexit better than all his previous lies (sorry predictions) :jack_o_lantern: