Bercow needs to be hung drawn and quartered. Treason to the queen and country


Maybe you do too?



He thinks he’s been clever … destroying democracy and parliament will prove not to be so


You know my fellow loyalist

I believe in Great Britain and the Union


I’m done for the night … fill ya boots froglet …


_He thinks he’s been clever, destroying democracy and parliament will prove not to be so _

For once, we agree Fynne. Proroguing parliament was not a good move and Johnson will get his comeuppance.



No matter if you are a remainer or a leaver. Last I understood we live in a democratic country. OUR politicians should respect the will of our country. We are actually a joke at the moment. I dont care too much for Boris but at least he is trying to get the referendum through. They are all in it for themselves dont trust any of them


Sadly Regardless, the English nationalists don’t care about the union. They would happily lose Scotland to gain Brexit.

Frog in a tree


problem is you have no benefits FOR brexit to cite and you believed so many obvious lies that when you are shown the rubbish the LEAVE campaign churned out you feel like the village idiot.
People are quiet because there are No benefits or arguments for brexit and another vote would bring that out clearly and of course many young voters are now registered to vote


Bojo is shutting down parliament and threatening to break the law… hes being controlled by Rich tax avoiders via dominic Cummings so the situation is dire and certainly not democratic.
Only solution and possible savior for the Tories would be another referendum.


You mean, before or after he is made Lord Bercow?! :smiley:


Which ‘Union’ is that…the Union of smug barstewards!!..of perhaps the pipe benders Union.

Haven’t you guys heard…or perhaps you still inhabit some fantasy land (described by your hero Sir Boris of the Lake)…BUT in the real world a ‘No’ deal Brexit would herald the destruction of the United Kingdom…most likely a reluctant Wales tied to a belligerent ENGerLand is the best you can hope for!!!


We live in a Parliamentary democracy…where we elect MP’s to represent us …sometimes clever people…to make decisions in the national interest and for the benefit of their constituents…NOT to impose the ideology of a few hard right zealots onto a country that never voted for such madness.


The population of the UK in 2016 was 65,110,000
The electorate was 46,500,001

16,141,241 voted to Remain in EU
17,410,742 voted to Leave the EU

That makes it only 26.7 % of the population voted to Leave and just 37.4% of the electorate.
Given that we were (are) already in the EU… then that is not an overwhelming call for a change. Instead, it is merely a small difference in what was a binary vote.

It is certainly not something that you can legitimately refer to as “the will of our country”.


Good to see that TM has given Olly Robbins a knighthood for his outstanding negotiating skills…It’s not like the Elite should know the mood of the country …Just clueless.

Roll on the People vs Politics election, Grieve and the treacherous remoaners will see just how democracy works.


To assist Mr Carpet in understanding “the mood of the country”,
I provide the relevant polling data which shows that over half of the country thinks that leaving the EU was the wrong decision.

In these circumstances there is no justification for the no deal Brexit being pushed by the Tory hard right, whatever the small percentage on hard Brexiters, xenophobes and tax avoiders may wish.

Frog in a tree


Past tense ., glad you share my optimism :jack_o_lantern:


You would fail your Key Stage 2 SATs Fynne.

What I said was “over half of the country thinks that leaving the EU was the wrong decision.”. This is a statement written in the present tense.

To have been expressed in the past tense I would have had to use the word “thought”.




Gawd only knows how he communicates with the Greeks…some sort of sign language or a series of grunts. Mind you the Greek education system could be superb (for all I know) and they all speak fluent ‘Queens’ English…in which case they wouldn’t understand him either!! :rofl:


Well I’d argue the point

To think is present
Was is past tense … ie that we have left ?
More correct statement imo …
Thinks that leaving the eu “would be” the wrong decision…