In the interest of balance, I’ll help you. Stunningly glossed over on here.


Thanks Trisco , the EU Groupies on here appear to work for one poster , they will never provide a balanced a view as they fear reprisals , echo chambers are dangerous places.


“fear reprisals”? You mean from you?


Mr Carpet is too silly for words. Sometimes I wonder if he is a reincarnation of Broadmoor but I doubt it. Same level of intelligence though!



I see that Tory MP Desmond Swayne continues to vie for being the HoC’s biggest fool with his hysterical outbursts… plus this:


How such a bug-eyed loon ever got a knighthood is beyond me…‘perhaps’ he’s got a compromising video of a ‘certain’ Royal! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



…another Tory liar emerges into the light.

Today we have Grant Shapps taking the stage with his speech to the Commons on the collapse of Thomas Cook which was almost word for word an unacknowledged copy of Failing Grayling’s speech on the collapse of Monarch.

Shapps says he was “not aware” of the similarities between his speech and Grayling… Pull the other one!

Yet again we see before us the lack of talent of those forming the current administration.

Frog in a tree


That’s quite funny! I wonder if they have standard templates for these things?

With all the events of yesterday, some of the important things haven’t got a look in… and Gove got off the hook about Yellowhammer… he failed to answer several times what the date was when they changed the title of the document to infer it was a worst case scenario… which it originally wasn’t.


"Dame Margaret, who is Jewish, has been critical of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and the party’s response to complaints of anti-Semitism…

…Mike Katz, chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement, said the trigger ballot vote was a “shameful moment for a party which claims to embody the values of equality and diversity”."
I wonder how the investigation of anti-semitism within Labour by the ‘Equality & Human Rights commission’ is getting on?!

“The deadline for submitting information or evidence was 31 July 2019…”
( …Last updated: 01 Aug 2019)


I don’t see anything wrong with a Constituency Labour Party having a reselection contest for a candidate.

Why should she get the role for life?


There is an argument that the longer an M.P. remains in place the greater understanding of, and rapport with, the local people and issues.

It doesn’t naturally follow, of course, but when it does it is one of the strengths of our particular system and can be one of the redeeming features of those constituencies that never change party.

Corbyn and core followers appear to have a Stalinist approach towards criticism. I don’t really know, but that appears to be the case from outside. I shall soon be talking to Labour activists in Sheffield and am keen to learn how people I have known for years are seeing things.

My constituency ousted its last Tory MP with a tactical vote for Lib-Dems in 97. That situation continued until Nick Clegg had to be ousted and a pro-Remain Labour politician gained the seat. He has now had the whip removed.

It is critical that Remainers get the approach right in this next election or a pro-Remain seat, part city part rural, could slip back to the Tories.

I think there may be many Labour seats in a similar 3-way race situation. Mass de-selections is only going to confuse things. A ‘job for life’ is not the issue here, getting the right result in the most critical G.E. for decades is.

2017 Sheffield Hallam Results: Would Labour have won against any Lib-Dem but Nick Clegg?


I have no opinion on the subject really…the Labour party can elect their MP’s how they see fit. But I do wonder if the public look at ‘things like this’ and question whether some Labour procedures are open to abuse.

For balance, I could equally say the same about the Tory party MP selection process…where there are rumours that ex-UKIP members/voters have targetted certain areas by joining the Tory party and attempted to get Remain leaning Tory MPs replaced.


Certainly Labour messed up by selecting Jared O’Mara in 2017. A non-serious candidate suggested that they did not expect to take the seat from Nick Clegg. It now seems likely that Hallam with its 66% vote for Remain will revert to the Liberals at the next election.

You say you will be talking to Labour activists in Sheffield. Will this be social chat or a formal research?




Eadwig, I had heard that it was the student population that swung it for the Labour candidate…unfortunately they now have an invisible MP (with mental health issues…‘apparently’). The guy just wasn’t a ‘nice’ chap and has let down his constituents quite badly. ‘Perhaps’ the Labour selection process needs to be looked at…it seems to have failed in Sheffield.

Clegg did OK though…a cushy Facebook job…his years in coalition as fall guy for the Tories will have prepared him well to defend the indefensible.


That is probably true, although they didn’t manage it in 2015.

O’Mara, the sitting Labour M.P. has cerebral palsy, hemiparesis and autism. He has been accused of fraudulent activities and sexual harassment. He said he was standing down earlier this year but has now postponed his resignation.

I doubt he will be the candidate standing for Labour in the next General Election. He may run as an independent. He grew up in the constituency. I doubt he could win it but he might still take votes as he denies the allegations and has had nothing proved against him as yet, although I believe a police investigation is still on-going.


Then she shouldn’t have an issue in getting a majority backing of her local Constituency Party.


Maybe (or maybe not) that’s how the public do see it but they are being instructed by the Tory Media to see it that way.
The truth of the matter is that Hodge is a pale shadow of her former self. I really don’t like to say it as she is a genuinely nice person who has achieved a lot on the various Committees she has been a part of in Parliament over the years (she was great Chairing the Public Accounts Committee)… but she is showing her age. By that I mean, it is very noticeable that she plays little part in any Parliamentary debate nowadays, says very little about some of the major issues facing the UK today and frankly shows signs of dementia with her angry, one-track view. She appears to have lost her sharpness.

Now, usually, that’s OK as there are several notable dotards in the HoC but going into a very important GE with excess baggage like Hodge is at best like being a man down and at worst she actively causes them to lose votes…
Sadly, she needs to be shipped off into the House of Lords where they have better care facilities for such people.


‘Frankly’ that’s not a nice thing to say about anyone…unless you are medically trained to identify signs of dementia. I suspect it’s more a way to denigrate someone you disagree with…‘possibly’ because she has accused someone of poor leadership (& other things) that you admire .


I don’t need to be medically trained to spot signs of dementia. I have plenty of experience with that.

I also don’t “admire” Corbyn… nor any politicians actually. I look at the Policies of the Party… the individuals don’t matter so long as they carry out the Policies of the Party… something Hodge would do well to remember.


That doesn’t follow at all. By definition the Labour constituency party is not representative of the constituency as a whole.

It smacks to me of putting blind-obedience to the leadership in front of what is best for the country at a time of crisis.

There may be good reasons for it, but I’m not aware of them, and she seems to think she doesn’t have the backing of the party leadership.