Fake news alert:face_with_raised_eyebrow:



great PIC oili "what kind of muppet would even mention this now "



Once again you post a slanderous claim, please provide a link to the peerage offer please ? or withdraw the claim perhaps and save getting a ban like other posters ?


Looks like the grandkids will be mud free Pete :joy:


Perhaps someone might repost this Mirror link for Mr Carpet’s delectation and delight?


Frog in a tree


another link Frog was posted another


Still waiting for you to explain how me not wanting my grandkids (they live in leeds boys 5 and 8)
to work in fields makes me racist ???

also any link showing working fruit picking machines??


Did you bother read the link you posted ?




GreyCarpet must have been smoking ‘something’ and missed the ‘fact’ that Farage said he was offered two peerages by the Tories…if he grows his own I wonder if he gets his grandkids to harvest it for him?!


Interesting news story on the BBC this morning petethenovice, proving once again your Tax avoidance claims playing a part in Brexit is Fake News, link unable to be provided due to limited access for taking on the groupies, BBC website not hard to find tho, will await your apology and hopefully you will remove the offending posts.


Always calling for apologies, yet won’t ever make them yourself.

Still awaiting your apology insisting I thank president Trump for killing someone ‘like a dog’ and not giving him credit, when he not only refused to give Obama credit for Bin Laden, but insisted Obama had nothing to do with it, it was the soldiers on the ground that did it.

I don’t see anything in the fact check about the millions made on dividend tax arbitrage, now you’ve brought my attention to it. Good news for bank shareholders.


Your obsession with Trump is clouding your view earwig, we’ve moved onto bigger and more worrying things like petes grandkids inability to remove mud from clothing, he is happy for the migrants to roll around in it,so they can pick strawberries and supply cream for them to enjoy at Wimbledon :roll_eyes:
Will be good to read petes apology for falling for fake news …


Still waiting for your apology.

I haven’t moved on, you’ve got me mixed up with someone who would let you off the hypocrite hook.


"But the rules are, in fact, all already part of UK law. A small number of them will not come into effect until 1 January, but that would have happened anyway whether or not the UK was a member of the EU.

The idea seems to have originated in this article from August 2018 with the headline: “Is this the real reason why Farage and Rees-Mogg want a speedy Brexit?”

It was written by two members of Lawyers Against Brexit, who were asked to comment for this piece but have declined to do so."
Conclusion: Don’t believe everything you read.


When PPL were pumping money into LEAVE this was not law that was done in 2015 16 before the referendum?
It should be noted that leaving the EU will mean future governments could remove any of these laws that they could get a majority for, but there has been no suggestion that the current government plans to do so.


Also, a lot of the law actually being followed through on will very much depend on political will and the resources given to HMRC to do so. Especially the non-specific stuff about ‘over-complex’ tax planning which no doubt will lead to costly court battles initially to set precedents. As things stand HMRC generally avoid these and settle out of court.

Labour has been promising to put money behind seeking out tax dodgers, as I understand it, whereas the last thing I heard from the Tories on tax was mutterings about cutting the higher rates and also corporation tax. Not sure if any of that will be in the manifestos yet. We’ll see.


Could Peter ? Your fighting a war over what we “could” do in the future? You really need to get out more fella.


its why we are here buddy Tories donors cant influence the EU and thats what they want in the future…

any answer yet…

Still waiting for you to explain how me not wanting my grandkids (they live in leeds boys 5 and 8)
to work in fields makes me racist ???
also any link showing working fruit picking machines??