And Apple manufacture in China its called the global economy I am sure that you understand how that works nothing to do with Brexit
Take a look at how Virgin works headed by a pro remain billionaire with lots of businesses in the US
Neither have anything to do with Brexit it’s about the most cost effective approach


This was what you said what has apple to do with it…







Still waiting for what High Tech parts are kept in the UK. ?? just changing the subject does not answer…


Still waiting for what High Tech parts are kept in the UK. ?? just changing the subject does not answer…


Still waiting for what High Tech parts are kept in the UK. ?? just changing the subject does not answer…


Still waiting for what High Tech parts are kept in the UK. ?? just changing the subject does not answer…


Oh I see the confusion I meant the high tech parts of the business remain in the uk
Not the manufacture of high tech parts


Is “everyday” now moving in to countdown mode?




…we have seen evidence of how utterly chaotic the Tory government is as it struggles with the outcome of the referendum.

To be fair, it could hardly be different given that the Tories are a minority government torn apart by their attitudes to the EU and Brexit. With an elderly mainly pro-Brexit party membership and a majority among their MPs for Remain it was never going to be easy to find a solution that would unite the party to any sufficient degree. Credit where credit is due, Theresa May understands that Brexit is likely to be damaging to our economy and she has tried hard to deliver an outcome that would command support in the party but it appears that she has failed with this proposal that has support from neither Leavers or Remain. To make matters worse for the Tories, whilst they are split, public opinion has slowly drifted towards Remain so that the balance of opinion is the reverse of what it was at the referendum.

Where to now?

The Tories can double down on Brexit and go counter to the change in public opinion but to do so will most likely condemn them to being out of office for many years. They could call a general election under May’s leadership but that would be very risky given May’s poor campaigning skill and even if they won, the situation would be no less managable.

A coalition government might be possible …but Corbyn and May? I don’t think so.

Or perhaps May ought to sack all the Brexiters from her government and go for a Brexit that is closely alligned to the EU along the lines of Norway? It might work.

In the end, I think that the only viable way forward is to have a people’s vote. At least it would get the politicians off the hook.

What a mess. Everyday!

Frog in a tree


We had a people’s vote in 2016 are you suggesting best of 3 or 5 votes
Corbyn by the way is unelectable can’t see that ever happening


The darned EU is changing the Kilogram…I’ve heard that it’s going to be half what it was due to deflation…this means we will get half the amount of Parmesan & Camembert for our pounds…how dare the EU mess with our port & cheese!

(BTW this is fake news…I’ve just made it up. But ‘presumably’ it will be headline news on Brexiteer websites within the hour :face_with_monocle:)

PS The bit on the BBC website is correct. It’s nothing to do with the EU and they aren’t changing the ‘actual’ mass of a KG…just in case people start to panic & bulk buy cheese.

  1. Looks like no leadership challenge.


If you delve down deep into the “Agreement” you will find that had we not agreed to all the EU demanded and thus consigned to be a vassal state of the EU, English as a language would have been banned in the U.K!.The choice would have been between either speaking French or German but, fortunately for the U.K., the French and Germans could not agree between them which language would become the language spoken in the U.K.

This is fake news…



Perhaps we could have a referendum on which language will be the new ‘English’…French or German? We could tack it onto the end of the ‘People’s’ vote.

I vote for French because my schoolboy French (countless wasted hours) at least allows me to order a beer :wink:


Singing the Manchesteraise or Englander uber alles I wonder?



Where are UKIP when they are really needed?