You are exasperating! Yes, we can can agree that the people listed in The Conversation article played key roles in making the Good Friday Agreement, but this was greatly assisted by the context which was that the UK and Ireland were both members of the EU which had a single market and customs union which obviated the need for a hard border.

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You can only avoid a hard border if NI remains fully aligned with the Customs Union and aspects of the Single Market.

Customs controls on goods travelling between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland operated on both sides of the border until the Single European Market came into force.

There will be tariffs and a return of Customs controls for goods travelling to and from NI if they are not part of the Customs Union any longer… or in the absence of something else being negotiated… like the May Deal complete with backstop.

There is a reason that physical checks on goods occur on the Germany-Switzerland, France-Switzerland and even Norway-Sweden borders.
That will also need to happen between NI and Ireland.


Oh stop it’s simple you just need bonded warehouses which we already use for Vat Which is much larger than the export import to EU


@red_rose_wizz It’s very easy to demonstrate how wrong you are.
Explain why there is a hard border between say Switzerland and France.

Switzerland is not part of the Customs Union or EU VAT Regime (which are also separate from the Single Market). That being the case then both sides have to build and staff a hard border on each side of the divide.

Let’s leave individual’s movements aside for now… though everyone is checked/asked questions at Customs.
For commercial traffic, every one requires a customs declaration, multiple forms and stamps by the tax authorities prior to goods cross the tax border.

Note also that between those two countries they have FULL regulatory alignment for goods… there are no tariffs… which would not be the case between NI and Ireland.
On the Swiss-French border… it is a hard border purely for the VAT.

To remove the need for a ‘hard’ border… you need both full regulatory alignment, the same VAT regime and no tariffs.

Unless some other Deal is agreed… similar to the May Deal then there will have to be a hard border erected. If they don’t do it immediately then they will have to do it later else both UK and Ireland will face court cases.

People like you spread blatant lies. You simply don’t know what you are talking about and try to trivialise what Brexit actually means to real people by sticking your head in the sand and pretending/hoping that things will stay the same; they won’t.

That’s why we are where we are… and guess what… why the backstop is being talked about.



You continue in the Remainer tradition of continuously demolishing the half-baked assertions of our Brexiter friends. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get facts through their thick skulls…

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Strange when going skiing in Chamonix via Genova never went through a customs post that I remember??


Holding another referendum on the EU would “break faith with the British people”, Theresa May will warn MPs


I hope your ski trip isn’t shaping how you expect an Irish Border to work.

Between Switzerland and France … “for personal goods in tourist traffic” below is what happens:
"For personal goods in tourist traffic, the largest border crossings are open 24 hours a day, Monday through Sunday, and are staffed by border guards. Special opening hours apply at airports. Numerous small border crossings, however, are open only at certain times, while some are no longer manned at all. Please note the customs office opening hours for the declaration (customs clearance) of merchandise. Declarations can be made from Monday to Friday during clearance hours; some customs offices are also open on Saturday mornings.
source: swiss customs site

However, we were talking about commercial traffic… that has to pass through specially built ‘hard’ infrastructure. Lorries are held up by anything from 15 minutes to several hours.
It happens on Swiss-French border… and also the Swiss-Germany border.


“Port chiefs said a two-minute delay in Dover would lead to a 17-mile queue of lorries on the M20.”

So a 15 minute delay could create a 127 mile lorry queue…seems a bit excessive!! Perhaps the answer is shorter lorries :face_with_monocle:


Or maybe future technology will remove the need for lorries. Neither Boris, Farage or Mogg have come up with that one… yet.


Faulty logic Oili, if the lorries arrived at the rate of one every three minutes then there would be no queue at all.




…brings more negative news of the impact of Brexit on our industry. Today we hear of job cuts at Jaguary Land-Rover which are partly in response to Brexit.

All this brought to you courtesy of the Brexiter community.


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…we get more negative indications of the economic impact of Brexit even before it happens.

The article says “a fall in the value of the pound, combined with slower growth this year and next as Brexit takes its toll, will mean the UK drops from fifth in the GDP rankings to sit just above Italy in eighth place and Brazil in ninth.”

And did you see that? Below India and then France and just above Italy. As some board members keep telling us, France and Italy are failing EU economies. So where does that leave us?

The Empire bites back, perhaps?

Economic damage bought with Brexter votes…just for you…Everyday!


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…we get more evidence of the way that Brexit is shredding our economy. Today the Bank of England is telling us that our GDP growth has taken a hit:


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…the mask slips further and we see the true nature of the Tory party revealed.

Today we get the news that Boris Johnson has been cleared of breaking the Conservative Party’s Code of Conduct when he made his appalling comments about women who wear burkas.

The BBC reports:

“It prompted dozens of complaints but it is understood an independent panel said he had been “respectful and tolerant”. Tory chairman Brandon Lewis and Theresa May had called on him to apologise.”

We can only wonder who selected the panel that made this ridiculous judgement.

Anyway, it has clarified one thing which is that the Tory Party is completely detached from civilised standards of behaviour and continues to pitch to the racist and xenophobic elements of the extreme right.

Dog whistle politics which demeans a mainstream democratic party.

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…we get another example of how Brexit is strangling our democracy.

The BBC reports:

Today, The Times leads on the Gatwick Airport chaos, but focuses on claims that earlier this year the Department of Transport delayed plans for a draft bill aimed at controlling the use of drones to stop them being used near airports. A consultation on the plans ended in September. The proposals were dropped and civil servants were instead instructed to work on Brexit, according to the paper.

Grayling is truly hapless but surely this wasn’t his fault? Oh wait a moment… he is a leading Brexiteer and so this latest pile of ordure is something he tipped over his own head.

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…we get more evidence as to why Brexit is simply a really dumb idea! Remember all the "they need us more than we need them’, “cake and eat it” and “the easiest deal in history”?

Well, here is the best analysis I have read on the balance of trade and who needs who the most:

It is a detailed read so you Brexiters may want to settle down comfortably with a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea.


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Christmas greetings to everybody including those who insist on disagreeing with a no deal Brexit.

Let us all wish for a peaceful and happy new year and one that benefits all of us in the U.K.



All the best for Christmas and new year… Something for us all to remember when they pushing this stupid Fraud.