I wonder if BM1 is still unable to post Bloomberg quotes. Remember that’s what he said he got barred for?

I hope that my posts are hidden from him.



Why not explain to us all how Barclays moving some assets about is going to negatively impact the Great British Public you seem so sneeringly concerned about?


I guess you and your friend don’t like Arsanias because his posts are always based on fact rather than prejudice? The problem for you is that you cannot defeat his arguments.




Like almost every every financial institution operating from the UK who services EU state clients… Barclays will soon make use of an EU state legal entity… and have sought regulatory approval (and got it) to do just that.
The story in the Press is just about the £166bn cash injection for the new legal entity’s initial capital.
When it is in operation all the operational processes and cash flows that service Barclays clients (for the Departments affected) will be flowing through that EU state legal entity… rather than the current UK legal state entity.

So fine eh? A few headcount will move to Dublin and some will be made redundant… but hey ho… that’s life … and stuff 'em they are Bankers after all.
Ah… but not so quick… because now… all that nice Corporation Tax from the subsidiary… goes to… yep… Ireland… and not the HMRC.

So… the UK Government is going to have to start getting that shortfall from elsewhere… guess where that will be?


Can you explain why Barclays moving 170BN to Ireland because of brexit is good news??

Heres another
Ford making cuts here (just a start) after saying NO deal could cost 600mill…

Ford is cutting up to 400 jobs at its Bridgend engine plant in the first phase of a redundancy push that could ultimately see many thousands of roles axed across its struggling European operations.

Last week, Sky News revealed that Ford had calculated that a no-deal Brexit would cost the company as much as $800m (£614m) this year alone as a result of World Trade Organisation (WTO) tariffs and the weakening pound.


Yep but @petethenovice… it’s just a “short term” bit of pain aint it… I mean… what did that Ford plant ever do for us? Or those Bankers in the City eh?
Our parents/grandparents went through the Blitz didn’t they? So we can handle this no problem.
You just need to be a bit more positive mate.


I guess you and your friend don’t like him because his posts are always based on fact rather than prejudice

No I don’t like him because he’s a …


And we have a Brexit bb please …


…thank you for confirming my suspicions.



I prefer people who are open and genuine in their agenda… (even if I don’t agree) … he isn’t … imo


Pete , We haven’t left yet ? You’ll find this hard to believe but the diesel scandal has a much larger affect on Car Sales than Leaving the EU fella…Is China’s reduction in purchases Brexit related also ?
Surprised you never blamed Liverpools recent 1-1 on Leave voters.


Fynne, I think Arsanias’ position is as clear as yours. He is, however, very knowledgable which maybe comes from his professional background, possibly as an academic or legal professional. I think that’s what bugs you.

All the best,



Yes, he is very knowledgeable…
His somewhat simplistic views of history let him down occasionally …
his also somewhat “I’m right” attitude is also wearing.
I would appreciate it more if I also understood his motivation?



It is perfectly clear he thinks Brexit is a bad idea just as you think its a good idea. You appear to think that he is an EU plant but they would hardly waste their efforts on this debating club where we have already made our minds up.




Not so sure about that one … never ceases to amaze me to what length certain people will go …


Sorry Fynne, clearly you are paranoid…


leicester city played well a little lucky but Liverpool still in front of city…

It keeps on coming though day after day news that Brexit is a disaster …
Tories bribing labour MPs shows just how desperate they are to push this through before people see through this …



Fraud Pete ? That £120k should just about cover Obama’s expenses when he flew over to scare us all :wink:

Pocket money to Aaron , Money well spent considering what will be saved in Taxes :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yes the fine was a joke and Rich people who Pay tax offshore and corrupt our democracy is funny as well. …
Lets hope we are all laughing in a year or so especially If they get things wrong in Ireland which they are quite capable of…
The whole point of the backstop is to make sure that we don’t leave the Customs Union until we can find a way of doing so that doesn’t trash the Good Friday Agreement.
The very act of trying to get rid of it shows we don’t plan to meet our obligations, PROVING why it’s needed!


1 in 3 companies in the UK trade with the EU. Headline grabbing fake news.