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“Nadhim Zahawi, Children and Families’ minister, told BBC Newsnight that one of the options was for MPs to vote on whether to ignore the 400-year-old convention that Mr Bercow had cited in making his ruling.” (


I saw with disgust the blatant pro - Brexit bias on the BBC this morning. After the headlines they only interviewed the hapless Tory Brexiteer James Gray MP. No doubt the Beeb is in fear of red faced pensioners sending them complaints about Remainer bias and a Government threat to their licence fee (ironically half the codgers don’t even pay the licence).

Amongst a huge parade of cretinous, imbecilic fools in the ERG camp James Gray stands out. This chump backwoodsman has been on TV recently repeatedly decrying May’s deal as rubbish and urging a move to WTO. He has voted against the May deal on both occasions. Yet this morning he was bleating about being denied a chance to vote FOR the deal on behalf of himself and his constituents by the " Brexit destroyer" Bercow.

No Government since the 1920s has dared to bring back the same motion to the HoC for a second, let alone third go. What the clod Gray is really trying to do is distance himself from the failure of the Brexit process which has been caused thus far by the actions of his friends and like-minded buffoons.

The general public would be stupid to be suckered by the likes of Gray, but of course they are indeed just that.




Another platitude (the statement, not you)…‘Leave the EU’…HOW? …in what manner?

TM’s deal is ‘leaving the EU’…but Brexiteer’s jump up and down and say it’s not leaving…or shouting ‘BRINO’.

Even yourself mention the sovereignty of the Swiss (who aren’t EU citizens)…so we could ‘Leave’ using the Swiss model…but that’s a facade…about as close to being in the EU as it’s possible to get (IMO).

So how are we supposed to Leave that will keep ‘the majority’ happy (the majority ain’t the ERG Hard Brexiteers)?


Indeed, however, the government would have to win the vote. Very unlikely in my opinion as the opposition, the ERG, and some remainer Tory MPs will vote against them.

I think the odds of a general election are extremely high now.


You’re destroying what credibility you had…everyone knows that the £350m was a sad joke…you must be really gullible to still believe it.



Little is rarely as simple when stats are quoted very selectively. It simply distorts wider reality. If one looks at the broader evidence, then UK still does extremely well here by overwhelmingly supporting most EU laws & directives. To the best of my knowledge, most of the relatively few laws UK typically voted against relate to various financial regulations that have sought to rein in free market excesses. For eg. various tax-dodging loopholes & sensible limits on director bonuses. Perhaps well done to the EU in that case. - GL.

This bit seems germane from link, to quote:

"According to fact-checking organisation Full Fact, Britain is outvoted more than any other EU country, but it still doesn’t happen very often.

Official EU voting records show that the British government has voted ‘No’ to laws passed at EU level on 56 occasions, abstained 70 times, and voted ‘Yes’ 2,466 times since 1999.

In other words, UK ministers were on the “winning side” 95% of the time, abstained 3% of the time, and were on the losing side 2%.

This is counting votes in the EU Council of Ministers, which passes most EU laws jointly with the European Parliament."


What purpose would it serve though? Both the main parties are all over the shop and neither has a coherent message with how they would deal with this farce.

I guess there is the theory Corbyn couldn’t do any worse than May (although I wouldn’t rule it out), but he is pro brexit.

So who the hell would remain voters, vote for?


There has to be a new movement. That’s the chance to break the current 2 party system.


Or just vote for the Green Party.


Definitely a sensible move. In other countries the Greens collect votes from the higher educated, higher income milieu that is not represented by conservatism nor late-socialism.


Very unlikely ever to happen. Personally I would like to see a Dictatorship with Ken Clarke as our leader.




Better return to absolute monarchy. The Queen could send to the Household Cavalry to seize the parliament. She is probably the most sensible and capable person among all of them.


The Independent Group/Party…perhaps?!

Unlikely to happen any time soon…the 2 party system is hard to break in the UK.

Liberal Democrats should be getting the Remain votes but they are a spent force.


Are they a national party…I don’t think they even try to get elected in my area.


It said it on the bus


Yes they are:

You are right that they don’t have enough MPs for every seat… but then the The Independent Group isn’t even a Party at all! No Manifesto, not a registered Party… and I doubt, given the characters in it… whether they will actually agree on anything other than Remaining in the EU.
At the next election… they are all going to lose their seats… maybe one of them will turn up on IACGMOH after that.


Even the events of this week won’t stop MV3 it seems… they are going to weasel some way of getting it voted on next week.
It is laughable that their Brexit Minister yesterday couldn’t/wouldn’t answer what reason they would give for a long Article 50 extension to the EU… or how they intend to use that time.

Mr Barclay suggested that MPs would “find a way” to get another vote, if the government manages to persuade enough of them, including the 10 Democratic Unionists, to change their mind and back the deal.

He suggested it would also depend on Theresa May getting “clarity” from the EU on “terms of an extension” to Brexit.


If they had an ‘MP’ for every seat then it would be a miracle…but I know what you’re trying to say.

They ‘probably’ don’t have the resources to waste money running in seats they cannot win.

IACGMOH = ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’

What about HIGNFY?


Yes… or DOI… or SCD… there’s a few… but they won’t be in Parliament anymore after the next GE.


I would ask those who flagged up Beans on the BW3 thread to remove them if posible and get it reopened.

His wrist will soon get tired once he has satisfied his sad bid for power and glory. Why should the decent posters here allow ourselves to be bullied by dint of a deluge of babble?